Monday, August 23, 2010

Sister Eveland...Your Prayers Must Have Worked!!

So this week started off better than the last.. Even though we had appointments that feel through we still had 5 lessons and FHE by weds. More than we had last week. So we decided since our last appointment on Weds fell through and we hadn't had dinner yet we would treat ourselves to some ice-cream and fries. We went to bed and the next morning when we woke up both Sister and I weren't feeling too good. We had a lot of the same symptoms that all of our investigators have had for the last 3 weeks. Fever, headache, sinus infection, etc.. We didn't work Thrusday, friday we were both still sick so we got blessings. I started feeling better, sister was still pretty sick. I was going to go out and teach some of our appointments, but we couldn't find two women that could work with me and stay with sister so I stayed inside for another day.. Sunday we did go to church it was good to get out! But it wore sister out so we went home for the rest of the day... In the first two days I went through our stack of 75ish Liahonas/Ensigns/New Eras..Saturday I started over.. I wasn't bored at all!! I didn't get a lot of letters written though so that was fun.. As I was going through the New Eras it was fun because I came across a few issues that were about people that I know.. Small "mormon" world we live in.. even when you are on the other side of the world!!

Today, I woke up with a sore throat, I am kind of loosing my voice. And sister is slowly getting better. We are just hoping that the same thing that happened to most of our investigators doesn't happen to us.. They would get better for a day or two and then crash again.. We can't afford that, there are TOO many people to find and teach, and little time as it!! But your prayers must have worked because it never hit me as bad as it did my companion, which I am grateful for!!

Transfers are this thursday, I don't know what to expect. I very well could get transferred so sister can train again.. or she could leave and I could stay.. or we could get pulled. It will be interesting to see what happens!!

Sorry, the last few weeks haven't been exciting to write to about.. We have just been doing our best to laugh at everything, especially when we get discouraged, many times a week we find ourselves laying on our kitchen floor laughing either right before or right after we pray.. It's great.. there is a song that we have adopted as our theme song, "A Call I hear" it is on one of my EFY cd's. You should find it and listen to it.. it is my far..and I am pretty sure the rest will come with time!

Oh yeah, we were teaching a lesson earlier this week.. first of all this family that we are teaching has these cool wooden chairs but the one that my comp usually sits in has holes that mice like to go down. I have seen them go down in these holes during a few lessons there, but I don't tell sister until after we leave.. well on tuesday when we were teaching I saw it again, but I just sat quietly, laughing inside..then when I was teaching a principle, I trying to focus on my Tagalog and simplifying it so that the 8 year old and the mother as well as the other two kids would all understand me. All of a sudden my companion starts to squim.. I had forgotten about the mouse.. Then she starts to mumble something, I think that I had said something wrong.. Then she starts to get out of her chair and the kids start to laugh.. the mouse had crawled across her and landed in her bag for a few seconds... Yeah I totaly forgot what I was saying at that point in the lesson..

Then there was Sunday school.. Our branch mission leader was teaching, the Cauilan's were there as well as two recent converts.. anyway, the lesson was tithing.. this is what I learned from his lesson:

1. The prophet Elijah caused a drought for 3.5 years. After the 3.5 years the people still had plenty of food, but they didn't have he built an alter to pray to god and if the people would all bring 5 tubs of water to pour over the alter their faith in god would stop the drought. But then there was a down pour and problems because there was too much water.

2. They were talking about rice and and ulams that Cain and Abel brought as sacrifices.. it was funny it was like a Filipino twist to the Bible..some how it got on the subject of how Abels father (not Cain's) was Jacob.. Yeah that was our Methodist investigator...

Have the time we weren't even on the subject of tithing.. Sunday school is always a suprise when brother Raffy teaches!!!

Well I better go! I love you all. Thank you for your prayers, the Lord really is looking out for me!!

Sister Eveland


Josh Healy

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You have been busy - I don't know how I missed all your posts. Your pics are beautiful. Always love to read Sister's letters!