Friday, March 28, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter F

F is For:

Family: I really do have a great family. Yes it is true, at times my kids can drive me bonkers. But they are just kids. I love their ages right now. Lil' E is becoming such a little man. Most of the time he is a great little helper, he shocks me with the things he remembers and I love it when out of the blue he just comes up to me and tells me he loves me. Doble, this little boy is into everything. He is a little scavanger and eats anything and everything. At times he out eats JBody and I. JBody is always commenting on his little hands. His new thing right now is singing "Nephi's Courage". All day long he sings..."I will go, I will do..." It just makes me laugh and smile. Razy is getting so big. She is now sitting on her own for short amounts of time. She laughs and smiles all the time. I think six months is one of the funnest times with a baby. We couldn't have asked for better kids. There are days that I just want to squeeze them because I love them so much. Not only do I have great kids, but I have a wonderful husband. I don't think I tell him enough how much we all love him. I tell him everyday before he leaves for work and whenever we talk on the phone and before bed, but that still isn't enough. He works hard to provide for us and he is a great dad. I love to see the kids wrestle with him and see him melt over his little girl. I also have great parents who taught me well, and have always helped out. I so much appreciate my mom especially over the last year with moving and having three kids. I love my siblings and it has been great to spend time with Sky and Bailes more since we moved. We all miss Bailes now that she is off to school. I married into a great family. I don't have any complaints. I love my mother in law and couldn't have asked for better sisters in law. That is not to say I don't enjoy my brothers in laws. I just do have some great sisters in law. I am just blessed to be near and have such a great family, immediate and extended.
Friday: Pizza night. Lately I have been making our own pizza. Yes, I know that it is probably cheaper to buy it because cheese is so expensive, but 1-It tastes better, and 2-I enjoy making it (especially when I see the kids having fun putting on their own toppings). This has been a family tradition since I can remember.
Fairy Princess: I just bought Razy some cute fairy wings and took her picture. Here are a few. I am hoping to try again. I think I need a little help getting her attention.

Four: I can't believe how old Lil' E is getting. He will be four in June. Four is also the number that Doble can count to.
Favorites: Food-Thai and Indian; Icecream-changes all the time but I like big chewy pieces of brownie in it; Color-Pink (yeah I have a little girl to dress in pink...I never tire of it); T.V. show-American Idol; Movie-Clueless, Sweet Home Alabama, and August Rush; Actor- Wintworth Miller (Prison Break, he's my celebrity crush); Actress-Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock; Artist- I love the sound of Jack Johnson and Carrie Underwood; Flower- Daisy; Scripture-Enos 1:26 (look it up).
Freezing- It is almost April and it is still freezing outside. It may be like this in your neck of the woods but it shouldn't be in mine. It snowed 2 days in a row!!!
Football: Go Seahawks! I pretty much have no choice, but to be a sports fan. I mean common do you know my husband.
Flu: This is why it has taken me forever to post F. We have all come down with the flu. I still am sick but my sis informed me I really needed to update my blog.
Fifty: This is my 5oth post. Took me long enough to get here, but hey I made it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter E

E is For:
Eternity: Uncomprehendable, but yet what I look towards to with my family.
Lil' E: Such a boy. Energetic, loud, loves to play trains, cars, baseball. He is growing up so fast. I can't believe that in about 2 months I will have a 4 year old. I remember finding out we were pregnant with him. Time sure does go by fast.
Easter: Eggs, Candy (some of the best), Easter Bunny, but most important it is a time to remember Christ, his resurrection and his love for us.
Evan Taylor: A.K.A August Rush. JBody and I just watched this movie over the weekend. It was really good. I borrowed it from my mom, and now I want to go get my own copy. If you haven't seen it yet, I give it two thumbs up and recommend that you do see it.
Europe: One day I will go with my family. I got the privelege to go the summer before my junior year and tour with S.O.A (national choir and band). It was amazing. The old architecture, the people, the food. We went to Italy, France, Switerland, and Germany. One thing I remember most is the really good coconut icecream.
Eating: I have a disorder. I don't know if it is just becuase I like food in my mouth or what, but I really do like food. This tends to be a pain in the butt as I am trying to lose all the baby weight.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter D

D is For:
Daughter: I finally got a daughter. I love my sons, but am so happy to have a daughter as well. She really is a good little girl. She is our little princess and mommy loves to dress her up in bows, and pink, and dresses, and little diva clothes. She is a Daddy's girl and loves to smile at him and try to get his attention.
Drums: My specialty on Rockband. It is actually pretty fun to play. JBody and I pull out the drums and guitar and rock out after the kids go to bed.
David Cook: My American Idol crush. No I really don't even think he is cute. For some reason everytime he performs it makes me get all giddy and want to hold JBody's hand and cuddle with him. I think it is because he reminds me of JBody on the guitar playing Rockband. He is the JBody bad boy.
DLish: My Rockband Nickname. I have the purple dreds and all.
Disneyland: It really is the happiest place on earth. I can't wait to take the kids there some day. We are planning a trip with some really good friends to go to Disneyworld in 2014. I can't wait. And we aren't going to be cheap about it. We are going to enjoy on site, meals, shows, ect. We better hurry and start saving. I think I only have like $23 in the pepsi bank.
Dimples: Lil' E and Razy take after their daddy and have big dimples. We just really noticed Razy's within the past few days. For those of you who know JBody he has some of the biggest dimples I have ever seen. Very Handsome and Cute if you ask me.
Dentist: I really don't mind going. However, I had to go when I was pregant with Razy and have a filling. The noise really got to me and weirded me out. If you could block the sound out it would be very relaxing. But the sound is only magnified in your head.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter C

C is For:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's Plan. I'll Follow Him in Faith. I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll honor his name. I'll do what is; I'll follow his light. His truth I will proclaim." (Children's Songbook, p.77) The words to this simple primary song is a small portion of my testimony. I know that I have a Savior. I know that he loves me. I know that he knows my name and that he wants me to one day return in his presence. I know that I don't have to prove my worth to him because he already knows who I am and what I can become. I just need to live my life in a way that will allow me to one day return to him. I know my family can be together for eternity. What a comfort it is to know that my sweet husband and I don't have to be seperated at death, but we can be together forever. I believe in the power of keeping the simple gostpel truths that are before us. I believe in teaching my children the simple gospel truths so that they can have a foundation to build their testimonies on. I believe that one day, I can have the opportunity to face my Savior and have him hold me in his arms and say, "Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father" (Enos 1:26). This is a portion of my testimony that I would like to share with you.
Christ: My Savior, my example, my redeemer, my brother, my friend.
Cousins: My sister-in-law just moved back and now Lil' E and Doble get to play and get to know two more of their cousins. We like living next to family. We are surrounded with cousins that the boys have grown up loving to play with.
Candy: A.K.A Nany by Doble. If it is in the house they (meaning Lil' E, Doble, and JBody will find it. Our favorite Easter candy hasn't been at any of the stores in town and that has been a huge bummer (Chicks and Rabbits by Brach)
Cakes: I really like to decorate cakes. I know I have mentioned this more than once. It is alot of fun. It is alot of work, but the outcome is always pleasing. And to see the faces of my kids when they see their cake, makes all 6-8 hours worth it. I just got done making a pokemon blastoise cake for my nephew. I must say it turned out quite nicely.
Chips: Keep them away from me. They are my weakness especially when I am pregnant. I have been known to eat a whole bag while pregnant with Doble. It doesn't really matter what brand or flavor. I just like how they are crisp and salty.
Christmas: One of my most favorite times of the year. The decorations, the spirit, the movies, the music, the food, the candy, Santa...the whole kit and kaboodle. I especially have loved seeing my children around this time of year get so excited about the whole thing.
Curls: One of the first nicknames JBody came up with for me. He doesn't really use it anymore. It came from the fact that I have curly hair. Doble also has it. This is why the poor kid had a mullet for the first 15 months of his life. I just couldn't bear cutting off his curls. But he was bald on top and it just really didn't look good so we cut the curls off. His hair has since grown on top and if we don't comb it right out of the shower it will be all curly on top. It is really cute. I am hoping Razy has curls becuase I think curls could go to waste on a little boy. However, he hair right now is just fuzzy. Soft and Fuzzy.
Clueless: One of my all time favorite movies. This reminds me that I haven't seen it forever. I used to watch it like 3 times a week when I was in highschool. I had it memorized at one point. No I don't consider myself an airhead. I just really like a good chick-flick.
Circumcision: I am not putting this in to start a debate. I know everyone has an opinion and I am going to keep mine to myself. All I have to say about the subject is...can't everyone please respect other's opinions. I mean come on, the fact that my son is circumsized or not is not going to affect you or your life. Everyone get off your soap box about the whole thing. (Okay now I will step down from mine and leave it at that.)
College: Oh those were some of the best and worse times. I am just glad that I was able to experience the life. Some of my greatest friends are ones I met while going to college.
Chiropractic: Have you been to your neighborhood chiropractor lately? If not know of a good one. Remember, it is not normal to walk around in pain all day. Go see your chiropractor. He's got your back...I know bad joke.

Alphabet Blog---The Letter B

B is for :
Bailes: My favorite little sister. She is off at school right now and I do miss her.
Banana: Another one of Doble's favorite words. A bunch only lasts us two days. The boys go through them way to fast. Bummer for JBody, he is allergic.
Blue: The color of Razy's eyes. They are so blue. She got her pretty blues from her mommy.
Brown: The color of all the boys eyes in our family. Well Doble has a mixture of both. They are blue on the outside and brown on the inside. If that makes sense. They kinda look grey at times as well. Have I mentioned that it looks really good with the color pink?
Bathroom: The one room that I hate to clean. Before we were married JBody told me he liked to clean the bathroom so it is actually the one room that he takes charge of. It actually works out nice.
Blogging: I have really come to enjoy blogging. I am very sparadic. I go for awhile and then am off for a longer while. But hey at least I always come back right. I love to read what others are up to as well. I will confess I do check out pages of other people often that I don't even know. I particularly like a few blog pages found on Alice's page.
Bows: A new favorite thing of mine. I love making new ones for Razy. I think she looks too cute in a bow. And the nice thing is they are interchangeable and can be used when she out grows the headband because they are on a cute little clippie.
Birthdays: I love birthdays. JBody and I started a tradition when we were first married that we celebrate birthdays for a whole week (we also do this for anniversary, vday, and mother's and father's day). I have made everyone of our kids cakes and try to make them extra special. I first got started with Lil' E's first birthday cake with the help from my friend Lindy. A tribute to some cakes that I have made will be coming up in the near future I hope.
Bentos: MMM yummy teriyaki. Well I am not a huge fan of the teriyaki dish, but they make a really good General Tso's. JBody really likes teriyaki and introduced this little whole in the wall joint.
Best Friend: Lil' E is on this kick right now with best friends. One minute I am his best friend and the next I'm not. If Doble gets in trouble for something, Lil' E will tell me not to get mad at Doble because he is his best friend. If Lil' E gets in trouble he will tell you he is angry and not your best friend. However, I love it when out of the blue he comes up to me and says, "I love you mommy. You are my best friend."
Blizzards and Buffalos: Have I ever told you the story? First let me tell you I like a good blizzard. I must say that my favorite is the pumpkin pie Blizzard that comes out in November. Now onto the story. JBody and I were going to school at the time. We had been married for maybe a year. It was at this time that we learned that good communication skills are important in a marriage. We were driving down the road when I saw that Blizzards were on sale. I quickly said, "Blizzards are on sale," to Jbody. To me this meant, "Pull over I want a blizzard." To JBody it meant what I said. That Blizzards were on sale. He didn't pull over and I quickly got quiet. Irritated that he didn't pull over, JBody realized by the time we got home I was clearly upset about something. "What is the matter with you?" he asked. "I wanted a blizzard." "Well why didn't you say something?" "I did I said that Blizzards were on sale." He then went on to say, "So if we are driving through Yellowstone (which we loved to do while at school) and you see a buffalo, I am supposed to pull over and get you the buffalo?" Okay he got me. From then on if I wanted the buffalo I would tell him..."I WANT THE BUFFALO" I could go for a blizzard right now. To bad they are closed. It is probably better anyway, I really don't need one.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter A

I am going to try something new. Lets see if I can really stick with it. I got this idea by randomly looking at some blogs and thought it was a cute idea. My goal is to post one every day if not then at least 3 times a week. How about you give it a try too. I would love to see what words mean something to you.

A is for:
The names of three people in my family (remember to keep it a secret)
Apple: Doble's Favorite word. It has now expanded to Applebee's, which just happens to be his and Lil' E's favorite place to eat out.
Ambitious: What I am trying to be by doing this alphabet blog.
Appreciative: I appreciate my mom. She really has done and does alot of things for me. Having her around really made the transition of 2-3 kids so much easier. I don't think I have told her enough how much I appreciate her.
Alice: A friend of mine whom I met and roomed with in college. If you haven't already go check her page out. She has alot of good things to say.
Alaska: JBody wants to go there someday to catch some BIG fish.
Allergies: The season is approaching for sniffles and sneezes due to pollen in the air. Lil' E also suffers from a peanut allergy. Bummer for him.
April: One of my dearest friends who I have become really close to since we moved to our current location. We both had baby girls at the same time (just 8 days apart). We love to go walking together. She is my example who I look towards to become a better person.
Autumn: Razy's bestest friend and April's daughter. It is also the season of my birth (Razy's too).
American Idol: Only the greatest show on earth. This season is the best. If you haven't started watching it, it is never too late. Come on people you are missing out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just some Randomness

Wow! I can't believe that I have just posted a bunch of new blogs. Here are the last of some recent pictures we have taken.

We just got a double stroller.Woo Hoo Yippee. I have been waiting and I love it. I have been taking Razy and Doble out with me walking with a friend of mine. It is so nice to get out and have them both in the stroller. Before I would put Razy in the pack and push Doble, but I didn't want to do that forever. One day we were out and Doble had zonked. His 15 minute stroller power nap meant no nap later in the day (bummer).
Lil' E has dropped his naps. However, I can get lucky about once or twice a week where he will fall asleep. One day I found him on the couch snoozing away and sawing logs.
Like the new bow? I must say I do. I do love pink and brown. Bows are one of my new favorite things. I love having a bow for every outfit. I will admit that I have gotten a bit carried away and now instead of making bows to match an outfit Razy has, I see some ribbon and I think, "I could buy her an outfit to go with the bow." I can't really justify it enough to actually go and buy an outfit so she does have many bows that are just waiting to be worn. One day.

Pink and Brown

I love pink and brown together. Here are some pictures of Razy in one of my favorite outfits. Yep it is pink and brown. It is a pink romper with little brown weiner dogs on it. Doble had to get in on the picks. And towards the end so did Lil' E. If you look really carefully you can see that Razy got her ears pierced. I will have to tell you how that went at the end of the post.

Chillin' with her little/big brother

Peekaboo---I love those big blue eyes
The big brothers
Here is the scoop on the ear piercing. I went back and forth on whether or not to do it. I was torn because I knew that right now would be the best time to do it because she wouldn't even know they were there. She wouldn't fuss when they had to be cleaned. She wouldn't complain when I told her she had to leave the same ones in for 6 weeks. I was that little when mine were done and my mom said they never got infected and they were easy to take care off. However, I worried that she would be upset that I had CHOSEN for her to get them done and she didn't have a say. I know I chose for her, but I really don't think that when she is 16 she is going to come up to me and say, "Mom, why did you get my ears pierced? I hate them." If she does then I will feel horrible and wish that I could take it back. When we finally decided to take her in JBody took the boys to look around for shoes and stuff and I took Razy. I knew she would cry and throw a fit. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't feel good. Especially to a 5 month old baby. She was probably in shock and wondering what the heck her mommy was having her go through. But she is a bit of a drama queen. When she gets hurt she likes everyone to know it. She doesn't want to be soothed with a binky or even with nursing. She just wants to cry and wants everyone to know that she got her feelings hurt. It took a good 10 minutes for her to recover, but after that she hasn't fussed over them one bit. I have had some not so kind looks and remarks from others when they see her now, but in all I am happy with the outcome. I think she looks cute with her little diamond (not real) earrings in her tiny little ears. I will respect others reasonings for waiting to pierce or not pierce their children's ears, can I not get that same respect for my decisions? Thank you Lindy, after I read and saw that you got Lydia's ears pierced I felt better about my decision and went ahead and did it.

Tummy Time

None of our children have ever really enjoyed being on their tummies. That was before Razy. She still doesn't like it as much as other babies, but it is alot more than her big brothers ever did. Here she is playing with her baby doll. This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. Since then she has learned to roll over. Yes WAY earlier than her brothers. Lil' E was 6 months when he first rolled over, but never did it for a second time until he was 9 months (I don't know strange). Doble was about 7 months when he did. Each of the kids pretty much went from rolling to crawling. Well Razy first rolled over on Tuesday March 11th and she is already attempting to crawl. I don't know if I am ready for that yet. It is too funny. We aren't used to a little baby wanting to roll. The boys were so much older and bigger. We put her on her back and she immediatly rolls over. It doesn't take too long for her to get frustrated and she lets us know she doesn't want to be on her tummy anymore. She just needs to learn to roll from her tummy to her back.

FHE Valentine Style

Yes I know Valentine's Day was a month ago. But here are some pictures of our family home evening feast that Lil' E helped me make. Doble helped too, but in his own way. He was sick so he sat in his chair and helped himself to the toppings and cheese that Mommy placed in front of him. We didn't want any special sauce on our special pizza.
Lil' E's attempt to fling the dough

MMM pepperoni
Happy Valentines Day!

Paradise At the Marriot Update

So I never did give an update on how the conference went. I didn't make it down to the pool. We had to take Razy to the doctor that morning and we found out that she had a double ear infection so the pool was off limits. It was okay though because although it was pretty, it was too dang cold. JBody was busy at classes so Razy and I just enjoyed eachothers company in the hotel room and walking around the hotel. JBody did take us out to the Rain Forest Cafe one night. And we got to order room service for the first time. One night we ordered ourselves dessert (JBody and I). We were not expecting the HUGE icecream sundae. It was called the Rainer or something like that and it lived up to it's name. It was way to big for Me. JBody ordered himself a slice of mudpie I think it was.

Look at the size of that Sundae

So let me tell you a funny and embarrassing story of while we were there. For any of you that don't know, antibiotics can really mess your system up. And for a little baby who already has loose bowels antibiotics just make them worse. Well I was changing Razy on the beautiful white bed. Yes people I did have a changing pad underneath her. She wa just wet so I thought it would be a quick change. Boy was I wrong. Right before I slipped the clean diaper under her bum she sneezed. Not only did she sneeze, but she shot. That is right she shot me, the stark white bed spread. There was poo everywhere. I tried to clean it up, which was a huge mistake. I undressed Razy, put her in the tub and called my mom. "Mom what am I to do?" She told me what I was not wanting to hear, "Call the front desk so it doesn't stain." It was the most embarrassing call I have ever had to make. They were really nice about it and brought new bedding up right away. I guess next time I will be changing my little one in the bathtub.

Some shots of our sleepy girl on her hotel bed

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doing Today What I Put Off For Tomarrow

Laundry, laundry, go away.
I'm going to save you for another day.

I am not a big fan of doing the laundry. When I do get ambitious to tackle the beast I almost always only make it half way. It gets washed, dryed, and folded in baskets. But that is as far as it gets. I don't know why, but I really struggle to get it from the basket to the closet or drawers.

I think it is just because there is just soooo much of it. I will NEVER catch up with it because someone is always wearing the next thing to go in the wash. Especially with three kids, there is a never ending pile. And as you can tell from one of my previous posts, Razy contributes to that pile quite a bit.

As I was searching for a picture to put with this post I came across this one and a quote to go along (giving credit where it is due).I think I need to post this quote somewhere in my house (ie. above the computer) to remind me to get back to those unwanted tasks.

“NO unwelcome tasks become any the less unwelcome by putting them off till tomorrow. It is only when they are behind us and done, that we begin to find that there is a sweetness to be tasted afterwards, and that the remembrance of unwelcome duties unhesitatingly done is welcome and pleasant. Accomplished, they are full of blessing, and there is a smile on their faces as they leave us. Undone, they stand threatening and disturbing our tranquility, and hindering our communion with God. If there be lying before you any bit of work from which you shrink, go straight up to it, and do it at once. The only way to get rid of it is to do it.” Alexander MacLaren

Yes I know that we can never get done and put ALL the laundry behind us, but at least we can have it completed until the next pile forms.

So I quess this is my que to get off the computer and accomplish that unwelcoming task we all know and love called LAUNDRY!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Razy's Baby Blessing

So it has taken me awhile but here are some pictures of Razy in her blessing dress. Razy was given a name and blessing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints on October 14th 2007. JBody and a small group of friends and family stood in the priesthood circle while JBody gave our new little one a very special blessing. This has been a wonderful and special time in the lives of each of our children as I have listened to their Father give them a blessing.

We have made it a tradition to have a BBQ or some type of dinner afterwards to celebrate with family and friends. For Razy we chose to do a brunch because church was in the morning. Peaches' little brother was also celebrating his return from his two year mission so it made it a grand event. Lots of family and friends participated.

A little FYI on the dress. I fell in love with it after many hours of searching online. I really wanted smocking, and for it to be really long. It had to be simple and I really liked the heirloom look. I know the pictures that I have posted don't give it justice, but to see the whole dress you can click here. My Grandmother was going to try to make the dress, but it was a little harder than we were expecting. So I bought the dress and she decided to continue to make her dress and put it on baby doll for Razy.

The blanket that Razy is laying on was made by JBody's Mother. She crocheted it and wove a pink ribbon around the edge. I wanted something all white with just a hint of girl. She did a perfect job.

Looking back at these pictures, I can't believe it has already been 5 months. They grow up way to fast.

Laundry Solutions

After three kids you would think that I would have all the answers to laundry questions. However, I must admit that I don't. With three kids we have had our fair share of blow outs. My first experience with one was with Lil' E. He was about a month old and we were at the library. There were no changing tables in the bathroom and the thing was so messy that I just threw away the outfit. However, for the ones that happened that the outfit was saveable normal laundry soup and a little spray and wash did the trick. That is with the boys. With Razy it has been a whole other story. She has left her mark on many a onsies. That is until I came across my new found laundry companion called Spray 'N Wash Dual Power. Regular spray and wash didn't work for her and at first I the dual wasn't working. The trick is to SOAK the stain with the stuff. So far it has saved many outfit that would have otherwise found themselves in the trash.

So let me explain to you why I am posting this. First of all it took me three kids to find something that worked. Secondly, I am up for suggestions on other things that you have used that get stains out. They can be remedies for anything...poo, grass, oil, CHAPSTICK (I hate it when it gets left in the pockets of jeans and sweatshirts and then I was it), ect. So come on share your secrets. We all could benefit.

Charlie You Bit Me!

So I was visiting a friend's blog and she had a link to the cutest video of two little boys. It was so funny that I had to watch it more than once and when Lil' E woke up from his nap I shared it with him. He thought it was so funny that he made me replay it over about 6 or 7 times and since then we have shared it about that many times with others. Lil' E now has the thing memorized. At first he thought that it was a home video of him and Doble. I thought I would share it with the rest of you so you can get a good laugh. It is one of those videos that can cheer a bad mood up quickly. ENJOY! p.s. Don't forget to turn your sound up, but my music off.