Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspirational Weekend

Yesterday was a the start of what would turn out to be a very spiritually uplifting weekend.  It was a very bittersweet day yesterday as we as a family attended a funeral for a family member who had passed away.  It was a very unexpected death.  One that no one wants to hear has happened.  You see, our cousin just lost her sweet little 9 month old to SIDS.  The news came on the Tuesday the 20th.  Little Ryleigh had passed that morning.  Being pregnant added extra emotions for me. I thought of his mother.  I thought of the pain, the mourning, and the grief that she must be going through.  I know that I could not even imagine to the extent that it really was.  For the next week and a half I continued to think of her. 

We talked as a family of what had happended on Monday for Family Home Evening.  We have been preparing Lil' E for his baptism that will be coming up.  We believe that at the age of 8 children are at the age of accountabilty and ready to be baptized.  It is the first step in their life that they will take to be able to return and live with our Father in Heaven (for more information on what we believe visit HERE). We have talked alot about this ordinance and wanted to explain to them that although Ryleigh was only 9 months and hadn't been baptized he was going to return and live with Heavenly Father.  He was perfect and without sin.  We didn't really know what to expect from each of the kids, but we knew it was important for them to be there with us as we went to the funeral. 

Yesterday was the funeral. As we listened to Vanessa share Ryleigh's life story, I was in awe of her strength. I was amazed in her faith and her trust she placed in Christ.  Although her little baby was taken early she was strong.  She knew that he was taken early because he had fulfilled his purpose in life.  As a mother of three children myself, I questioned myself.  Could I have that much faith?  Could I place all my grief in his hands?  My testimony of the gospel was only strengthened as each person spoke on the Plan of Salvation.  There were many tears shed.  Many of us were grieving, if not all.  However, the spirit was so strong and I know that every person there was touched by it.  Even our little 7 year old, Lil' E, felt it.  It was very overwhelming for him.  However, as a mother, was so touched that he knew that he was feeling and recognizing the Spirit. 

Today we were once again filled with inspiration and words meant for us from our Heavenly Father given through the Prophet, Apostles, and leaders of the church.  Tomorrow we once again get to be spiritually filled.  Not only were JBody and I able to listen, but each of our kids were able to sit and learn.  Yes they got antsy.  Yes, there were times that they got distracted.  However, they also were able to feel the spirit and be taught. 

Some of my favorite things from today:

"Don't hyperventilate about something that happened at 9 o'clock in the morning when the grace of God is trying to reward you at 6 o'clock in the evening." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"Family time is Sacred time." -Boyd K. Packer

Summerized: Our Father in Heaven knows and loves our children.  He knows what they need to know to become and return to him.  It is not intended for us as parents to teach them alone.  We need to turn to him for help with each of our children. -Cheryl A. Esplin

"There is no end in the capacity to Love." -Paul E. Koelliker

"If the foundation of faith is not imbedded in our hearts, the power to endure with crumble."-Henry B. Eyring

"Acting on a twig of faith allows God to grow it."-Henry B. Eyring

"Be Kind and be grateful that God is kind.  It is a happy way to live." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"You can't be right by doing wrong.  You can't be wrong by doing right."- President Thomas S. Monson

"When one is tone death in the music of faith, he is out of tune with the spirit." -Quentin L. Cook

These are some of the notes I took from today.  If you would like to hear more or read everything that was spoken in todays session of General Conference you can visit HERE.

And now it is time to spend some more time with the family before it is off to bed.  Then up in the morning for another day of inspiration and spiritual feasting. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Butterfly Baby Mobile

I have been seeing some cute baby mobiles on pinterest lately and decided it was time to make one for the girls's room.  We chose to go with a butterfly mobile to match the colors and theme already in their bedroom.
Butterfly punch, die-cut or die-cut machine (I used the my Cricut to cut out a 2 inch butterfly from the Home Decor Cartridge)
Paper in desired colors- you will need enough paper to cut 72 images (I used colored 2 sided scrapbook cardstock and clear vellum for my butterflies)
A ring. You can use a metal wreath base or even a large embroidery hoop.  I actually used a broken kids basketball door hoop.
Color coordinating ribbon for tying around base
Fishing Line
Sturdy wire for cross hairs of chandelier
Glue Dots
Tulle for hanging the chandelier from ceiling

Here is my make shift loop.  I couldn't find an embroidery hoop.  This was perfect and cost me $0.

I just wrapped it in ribbon to hide the bright orange.


1. Take two pieces of wire and cross them in the center of your hoop. Wrap ends of wire around circle where they come in contact. This will create a cross in the hoop that will give you more area to hang butterflies from.

2. Tie ribbons in knots around your base hoop. You could also paint it if you are using an embroidery hoop. If using ribbon use as little or as much as you would like.  I didn't go very full and you can see the underlying ribbon underneath.

3. Begin cutting or punching butterflies from paper. You will need a total of 36 completed butterflies for your chandelier if you hang as many as I did. I put a colored cardstock and a clear vellum piece together for each butterfly, so I cut 36 of each.

4. Cut 13 pieces of fishing line to about 20”-24". Each piece of fishing line will have 3 or 4 butterflies attached to it.

5. You can begin attaching butterflies to fishing line with glue dots. Place glue dots in the center (body) of each butterfly. Run the fishing line up the body and then attach the front piece of the butterfly over the top. This will create a sandwich for the fishing line. Place butterflies about 3-4 inches apart on the line. Leave plenty of extra line at the top of the butterflies so that you will be able to tie it on to the ring at the right height.  However, I put my fishing line on first and then sandwhiched the butterflies onto the line. It helped me see the colors as I went. 

6. When you have attached all of your butterflies to the line, begin tying them on to your base. I placed 2 longer strings on opposing cross lines of the wire in the middle of the loop.  Then middle lengthed fishing line at each of the four cross points on the hoop itself.  Last I put 4 shorter pieces of fishing line in between each of the four points of the loop.  The center 2 lines had 4 butterflies as did the four cross points on the loop.  The shorter 4 pieces had 3 butterflies.  You can play around with what looks good on yours.  If you are using a larger loop you will want more lines of butterflies.  You could put as many as 17 lines.  12 on outer loop, 4 on the center cross wires, and 1 in the middle.

7. Use tulle tied to each cross point to hang the chandelier from the ceiling or other area. You could also use ribbon.

Play around with different shapes.  Animals, flowers, dots, ect would also be really cute. 

And here is the final product above the crib. 

I got the original idea from:
She gives a little different instructions as hers was slightly larger and had more butterflies.

New Crib and Crib Skirt

About a week ago we got a new crib.  I was so excited for it, because the crib was causing me much anxiety during this pregnancy. Anyway I decided that I didn't want to use a bumper pad.  I've just done reading on them and decided that they really are not needed and I wanted to take all precautions with our last little one. I still wanted the crib to look cute and I didn't want to spend a whole bunch of money on a crib set that I would just be throwing the bumper pad out.  So I decided on making my own crib skirt.  I found the cutest purple polka dot fabric that matches Razy's bed spread perfectly. 
Enough fabric to go along 3 sides of you crib.  The back side isn't seen so I wanted to save myself money
Sticky back velcro

For my crib I need 52 inches along the front and I added 2 inches for hemming and 29 plus 2 inches fabric for each side.  Make sure you measure your crib sides to get the measurement you will need.

I don't have a picture of the very first step, but fold the edge of your fabric over 1 inch and iron.  Then fold it in half again so the edge meets your iron mark. Iron this edge as well.

Take pins and pin your folds.  You really don't have to do this step, but for those of you that find it easier to sew with needles go ahead and do it.  I did it just to show you what it would look like.

Sew your hem.

Do the same thing along every edge of your skirt. 
Place the teeth side of your velcro and place it on your mattress frame and the soft side on your fabric so they match up.

I learned the hard way that sewing sticky velcro on my fabric caused my needle to gum up. I had to hand sew the velcro onto the fabric by hand. 

The front side of the bed worked perfectly using this method.  However the sides had the hardware get in the way so I had to put the velcro on the hardware.  It looked fine once it was the mattress was on there.

Here is the final crib.
For a no sew tutorial try

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Idea

I found this cute St. Patrick's Day Treat over here and here.
We are spending the weekend with family and I thought it would be fun to share this treat with all the cousins. 

You too can make these fun treats.
You will need:
Treat bags (pretzel bags or 4x9.5 treat bags)
Twizzler Twists
Rolos or other candies wrapped in gold foil
You're my pot o gold printable (found here or here)

I printed the printable from here and cut the circle out.  Then I used my cricut and the mini monogram cart to cut a 3.25 inch scalloped circle.  I glued the printable to the scallop.  Then filled the bags.  Folded them over and taped them shut.  My kids broke my stapler and used up all my staples so I also taped the new made tag to the front of the bag.  Be sure to fill your bags in rainbow order.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Enjoy!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

Lil' E has been so excited about Dr. Seuss's birthday this whole week.  They talked about it at school on Monday and every day since he has brought it up.  I thought it would be fun to make a celebration out of it.  Lil' E loves Dr. Seuss books.  They are some of his favorites.  What started out as an idea to bring a small snack to school, turned into a full Dr. Seuss dinner.
Many of the ideas I found on  Others I found on individual blogs and some were my own.  Probably done by others, but aren't most ideas you come up with like that?

The Yink's Pink Ink Drink
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
Strawberry Lemonade

The Cat in the Hat Parfaits
The Cat in the Hat
Strawberry Jello and Cool Whip

Poodles Eating Noodles
Fox in Socks
Pasta Salad

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham
Deviled eggs died green and spiral ham.

Oh the Places Pinwheels
Oh the Places You'll Go

Brown Bar-Ba-Loots Trufulla Fruits
The Lorax
Fruit Platter

Butter Side Down Bread
The Butter Battle Book

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
Rainbow Goldfish Crackers

I thought it would be really fun to take the kids to see The Lorax since it came out today.  But trying to pull off the dinner and get the house clean to have my parents over tonight was enough for me.  Maybe another night.  Doble was actually asking if he could have a Dr. Seuss birthday party.  If this is what he chooses I guess I better save these ideas for it.  There were a couple more ideas I thought of, but I just ran out of time.  To be honest we had plenty of food with what I did make. 

So what did you do to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day, Read Across America?