Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last Minute Prego Pictures

So I know that I am posting pregnancy pictures at the very last minute. Hey at least I got them done before Razy was born. Thanks to Bailes we got a few good ones. Lil' E is at that age where he does a cheese face every time so it can be pretty hard to get a good picture. Hope you enjoy them.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where Did the Last 3 Years Go?

Where did the last 3 years go. I can't believe that our little boy is now all grown up and going to preschool. Lil' E started preschool on the 20th. Dropping him off was a little sad to think that he was now a big big boy. He had no problem with us leaving. In fact he was so excited to join his class for circle time. When we came to pick him up a few hours later he cried because he wanted to stay.
My First Day of School!

I am so excited...Like my cool Backpack!?!
On the Steps of Preschool

Tat Brothers

Mema got the boys some cool spiderman tats and they were excited to show them off.

Doble Was Cold!

Like I have said before, we check on the boys before we go to bed. This particular night we went in to check on the boys and this is what we found. Lil' E had climbed out of bed and put ALL of blankets in their room on Doble . We had heard Doble whining every so often but thought nothing on it. Now we know why he was doing it. He could barely move an inch with all the blankets. Needless to say we took all the blanket out and put them all in storage so it wouldn't happen again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Razy Scheduled To Arrive!!

Razy has officially been scheduled to arrive. As long as her amnio comes back positive on the 24th, we will be going in for the C-section the following day. So Razy's Birthday will be on September 25th. Happy Birthday to Kyer(Peaches's brother) who has a birthday the same day. It will be fun though. The two of them will be having a homecoming together because Kyer will be coming home from his mission two weeks later. We can't wait for both events to occur. So if you aren't doing anything on September 25th you can think of us around 12:30pm as the doctor bring our new little girl into the world. We will keep you posted as things take place.