Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Celebration.

This year we spent the fourth with D.J's family. We had a big BBQ, fun games, and an awesome firework show. It was better than the one put on in town. The kids had alot of fun with the water balloons and the trike races. Thanks to D.J's Brother for organizing this grand event.

Poodles Poodles Everywhere. I think we are one of the only families that doesn't have a poodle. The boys really love playing with the dogs. Mommy doesn't want one right now becuase she already has to take care of two little boys and doesn't want to add another to the list. The dogs are really good with kids and let them handle them. However, right before the fireworks Lil' E was holding one on a chair and it pee'd all over him. Luckily Owen had an extra pair of jammies for him to wear.

We had the boys get their pictures taken with Duema and with her parents for a four generation picture.

Lil' E and Doble with Duema (D.J's Mom)

D.J. and Doble with Great Grandpa and Grandma and Duema
D.J. and Lil' E with Great Grandpa and Grandma and Duema
Every year we think Lil' E will get over his fear of the fireworks, but each year his is just as scared as he was the last. Better Luck next year. At least he would stand by Mommy to get a picture. He wouldn't touch the sparkler though.
Ooo! Look at all those pretty fireworks Aunt Tay Tay