Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Couple Parade Pictures

We were out of town for out town parade, but luckily every year we also go to Duema's parade with the rest of the family. The kids had fun in the sun, eating candy, and dancing to the parade music. 
Thanks to Aunt Tay Tay the kids were loaded up with lots of goodies.  She always remembers the goods for the parades.

Mason waiting for the parade to start

Two silly buds.  Lil' E and Noah. 

The kids are almost in order of youngest to oldest.  Mason and Doble need to switch seats.  Mema is just missing baby Carson in this picture.  However, he is not a baby anymore.  He just turned one today!! Love the HUGE bag of gummy bears.  Thank you Mema for those.  She got them for Doble for his birthday because he said they were his favorite candy. He was so nice to share them with everyone.

Owen was junior royalty in the parade.  Here he is making faces at all of us.

Razy just chillin' watching the parade.  It was such a nice day.  Nice and sunny.  Perfect day for a Parade.  JBody even got his annual sixhead...I mean forehead sunburn....LOVE YOU HUNNY!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday DOBLE!

Four years old already Wow! I swear he is the only one of our children who actually has stayed consistant with his age.  The other two are 2 going on 18 and 5 going on 13.  I love that he is just FOUR! 

Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Friend: Noah and Mason
Favorite Toy: Thomas
Favorite Movie: Thomas
Favorite Song: PONYO
Favorite Thing to Do: Jumping up and down on the trampoline
Favorite Place to Go: Disneyland
Favorite kind of Icecream: Chocolate and Vanilla
Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears

Doble loves his birthday and can't wait to open his presents.  He thinks he knows what he is getting...Thomas.  He wants and is getting a Thomas birthday cake. He likes to draw and dance.  He can shake his booty pretty good.  Not so much into sports, but likes to play outside with Lil' E, Razy, and Bella.  One thing he is really, really, really, good at is complaining and coming up with excuses.  We are working on that one.  But Doble is a very sweet boy and a good cuddler.  He makes friends very easily and loves to be around people. We all love Doble.  

Happy Birthday Doble! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our First Family Mariners Game!

The Mariners were on a seven game losing streak!  Well that was going to happen as we all stepped into the stadium on Saturday afternoon. 

We literally got to step onto the field.  It was little league day so we got to participate in the Little League Parade around the Warning Track.

You need your mitts boys in order to catch a ball.

Mariners dug out.  Check out the huge gumballs.  The kids thought that was cool.  Doble even got a piece of double bubble from an Angels player (Mercado). 


We were pretty high up.  Cheap seats.  I would say about 8 rows from the highest seats.  However, they were great seats!  Lil' E was not happy when he saw where we were sitting.  We told him next time he could pick the seats.

The kids couldn't wait to get their very own cotton candy. 
Doble even started to complain because he couldn't see.  I asked him what he meant he could see just fine.  He told me, "I can't see the guy." 
"What guy?" I asked
"The cotton candy guy"
And then I didn't even get a picture of him eating it.  Dang it!

Let's Go Mariners!!!!
Doble had fun shaking his booty trying to get on the big screen.  He never did make it, but still had fun trying.

I think it will be awhile until we take Doble and Razy back to a game.  Doble wasn't really into it the whole time and Razy well.  She had fun as long as she had cotton candy, popcorn, and the goodies Mema brought.

Lil' E on the other hand LOVED IT!.  He is so into baseball right now and loves playing on his t-ball team.  I need to get pictures up of him playing and in his uniform.

Good Night Mariners! Maybe next time you can pull of the win.
It was a really good game and close the whole time.  However in extra innings the Mariners lost 4-3 to the Angels.  They did go onto win Sunday's game 8-1 and then again against the Orioles 5-1.

Now That's A Camping Store!

I had never been to Cabela's before and was surprised by the huge display right in the center of the store.  The kids liked it too.
Say Cheese with Moose

I thought this Sea Lion was pretty awesome

Photo op with the massive polar bear.

The kids loved this store just as much a Papa did.  I was pretty impressed too.  If you need something for camping Cabela's has it all right there in the store.  It is definately your one stop camping store. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This morning the kids came running into the house from playing outside.  Lil' E was chasing Doble so Doble was running as fast as he could.  He took a huge jumping headstart to jump into the love sac.  Right now our love sac is under the front window which also has a ledge.  Well that huge jump into the love sac warranted a big goose egg where his noggin hit the window's ledge.  I knew he would get an immediate goose egg so I ran to get his ice and hold it on his head while I rocked him better.  I took the ice off his head and Razy, who was sitting next to me all concerned looked at his forehead and lets out a big, "WOAH!" I think that freaked Doble who begged to see it in the mirror.  Now he is just really proud to be able to go to preschool tomorrow and show off his Ouchy!
I just noticed his nice Tang-stash!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

With our remodel still going on, the kids, and JBody and I, have had to move our mattresses downstairs into the living room and playroom.  The boys are in the playroom and our queen mattress and Razy's matress are in the living room.  Let me tell you it has been an adventure.  I can't wait till we can move back upstairs.  It has been 2 full months that we have been living in just the downstairs and we have 1 month exactly to go till the new carpet is all in. JBody and I work upstairs while the kids go to bed.  This is a collage of 2 nights that we found Razy all dolled up and sleeping crazy.  We did have her in jammies, but she had decided to put her Sleeping Beauty dress on with her brown pants underneath.  What a silly!