Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Merry Christmas Cards!

Todays tackle is to get my Christmas cards ordered so I can get them in the mail.

So I am sitting here getting ready to put an order into costco for our Christmas cards and thought I would post one here for all those who may read our blog. I hope that this Christmas season you have time to reflect on what is really important to you. I know that the four people whom I share this photo with are the most important in my life. I love Christmas and I love sharing it with my husband and children. Christmas is so different when you are grown up and hve children of your own. It is so much better than I remember as a kid. I love teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas and seeing them get excited about everything that Christmas brings. I love the colors, the warmth of our home, the smells, and the goodies. I love that it brings our family closer and we have more opportunities to see and share this time with our extended families and friends. I love the lights of the Christmas tree and the memories of each ornament that is placed upon the tree. I love the music and sounds that Christmas brings. I love seeing my children get excited about what Santa will bring them and the look on their faces when they first come downstairs to see their gifts. But most of all I love the Spirit of Christmas. I love what it means and brings. I love my Saviour whom we celebrate at this time. His birth, His mission. I am thankful for him and his redeeming love. I am thankful to know that my family can be together for ever and I know that it is only through Christ that that is possible. I know that my Saviour died for my sins and that he loves me and wants me to return to him. I will strive this Christmas season to make for TIME for Him, to think of Him, to teach my children more of Him. Because of Him we have this wonderful time of year to celebrate. May you love and enjoy this time of year as much as I do.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Symbols of Christmas: The Christmas Tree

Opening Song: Have a Very Merry Christmas Children's Songbook # 51
Opening Prayer: Daddy

Lesson: Mommy

What is this? (point to your christmas tree of a picture of one) Why do we have Christmas Trees at Christmas? (enjoy their varied answers!)

The Christmas Tree is a symbol of Christmas because :
The evergreen tree means lasting light and life. The needles of the tree point upwards towards heaven. As many things die in winter but the evergreen does not, it symbolizes life in the midst of death or rebirth.

Talk about why you like to put a star or angel on the top of your tree.
Read this scripture to go with your discussion.
Luke 2:9-12 for Angel
Matthew 2:2 for Star

Here is our Christmas Tree all decorated. I love having a tree in our house and I love the lights on it. I wish that I could get a picture of it with the lights on, but it I can't get one to turn out.
Click on links for some Tree Crafts
Christmas Handprint Tree
Fun cardboard and sticker christmas tree

Closing Song: Stars were Gleaming Childrens Songbook #37

Closing Prayer: Child

Click on links for some yummy treats
Cheese Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Krispy Treats

Christmas Tree Sandwiches"

This lesson idea was taken from The Family Home Evening Spot. Please go to her site to share with her your comments on how much you love her lessons. I know I love them and love that she is willing to share them with others.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Christmas Advent Calendar
For today's tackle I needed to get my advent calendar done. I cut it close being that today is the first day of December. But it is done and very cute if I do say so. It is made from a cookie sheet that has been spray painted and emblished with stickers, cutouts, paper, buttons, ect. I didn't get the title done (Countdown to Christmas). I lost my i, but I wanted to get the calendar up so the kids could enjoy it.
Each day the kids will help me add one of the magnetic embelishments.

I really didn't want to glue all of these numbers on the calendar so I used my cricut to cutout vinyl numbers. So much easier and I think that it will keep the numbers form falling off over the years of use.

So tell me what is it that you have planned to tackle before the holidays (ie: homemade gifts, decorations, ect.)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Symbols of Christmas

As many of you know I love The Family Home Evening Spot. This is where I get alot of my ideas for lessons. Well once again she has posted a great lesson.
Every year the first lesson after Thanksgiving we give a lesson on the symbols of Christmas. We explain to the kids why we put a tree up, what the colors mean, and so on. This year I am taking my ideas from The Family Home Evening Spot and focusing on one symbol each week. I think this way the kids will remember them a little better and it gives us time for fun activities, and treats afterwards.

Family Home Evening Lesson

Christmas Wreath
Opening Song: 'Away in a Manger' Children's Songbook # 42
Opening Prayer: Daddy

Lesson: Mommy

Hold up a wreath or picture of a wreath

What is this? What does it mean? Why do we have wreaths at Christmas time?

Wreaths are like a circle. Which means no beginning 0r no ending. This symbolizes eternity - the unending cirle of life. The evergreen tree (used to make wreaths) means growth and everlasting life. Holly branches have thorns. When used in a wreath it symbolises the crown of thorns put on Jesus head when he was crucified. The red berries symbolize his blood that was shed for us.

Make a wreath

Paper plate wreath instructions found here at filth wizardry very cute.

Coat hanger wreath:
Bend a coat hanger into circle shape. Secure tinsel with tape and wrap Tinsel around and around and around. Secure end with sticky tape. Add bows, decorations as you wish."

(This picture was taken by The Family Home Evening Spot. After our lesson tonight with the wreaths the kids make.)

Closing Prayer: Razy

Wreath Candy using cornflakes and marshmellows
Hard Candy Wreath
Thanks again to The Family Home Evening Spot for the great ideas we find on the site. Go over and take a look. I know you will find something that your family will enjoy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

The Santa Cam has been up and working....Look what Santa emailed meIf you click on the picture of Lil' E it will take you to a cool link that has Santa telling your child what list they are on this year. I did one for each of the kids. They got a kick out of seeing themselves on Santa's computer and their names in his book.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

"Edward Ain't Got Nothin' on This"

Tonight is girls night out. I am off to see "New Moon" with my mother in law, sister in law, and some friends. JBody is getting off work early to watch the kids as I get to enjoy some girl time. We are going to eat dinner at a little Italian Restaurant near the theater. At 9:00 we're going to watch the first movie and then at Midnight we will watch the New Moon movie.

So question for my readers are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? As for me I am Team Edward...JBODY* Edward that is. Are you off to see the showing or are you just not a fan?

*JBody's middle name is Edward so I can legitely say I am on Team Edward.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventure to the Pumpkin Patch

So I am going to have to play a little catch up. To begin I thought I would share some pictures from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year. The pumpkin patch has been a tradition for us since Lil' E's first Halloween. I remember that first year. We were living in Portland at the time. We headed out to the patch. The sun was shining. Lil' E was dressed as a cute little caterpillar. We took some pictures of him next to some corn stalks and pumpkins then DOWN POUR. Gotta love the Portland rain.

This year we had great weather. And like always the kids had so much fun choosing their very own pumpkin to take home and carve for Family Home Evening the next Monday.

Cousin Noah, Cousin Keenan, Lil' E, Cousin Mason, Doble, JBody, Razy

Daddy and the kids. Razy looks thrilled doesn't she?

Climbing to the top of the BIG pumpkin to overlook the patch
Wizard of Oz photo op

Touring the haunted jail cell.
Lil' E loves scary things

Doble was scared to go in, but his cousin Mason assured him he would be fine.

Pumpkin choosing time

Doble showing off his mad pumpkin lifting skills.

Razy and her pumpkin choice
What are your pumpkin choosing traditions? I would love to hear about them.

Wordless Wednesday

The newest member of our family

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

I am back and what better day to start back up than Tackle It Tuesday! I have been thinking a lot today about the little things and wondering why it has been so hard for me to keep up on everything. As I put the kids to bed this evening, I decided that I would straighten up the kitchen and dining room. Yes I know many of you if not all do this every night after you have dinner, but I have gotten into the habit of doing it in the morning the next day. After putting everything away in those two rooms I moved onto the playroom. For those of you who have been to my house you know that this room gets cleaned every couple of weeks. Three kids can do a lot of damage to a room and I don't have the energy or time to clean up after them ALL the time. This morning we had cleaned the playroom so I only had to pick up a few things. The living room was next and this room too just had a few things to pick up.

So why am I telling you that I cleaned up all these rooms. Well I have found that I have become somewhat lazy in picking up around the house. Small messes soon turn to larger ones and then before I know it I am spending 30mins to an hour cleaning a room when it should only take me a couple minutes. Yes I know my kids are old enough to help, and this is part of my problem. What is my problem you ask? CONSISTENCY. I have decided that I really need to be consistent in things.

I was not always like this. When it was just JBody, Lil E and myself, I was so much more consistent. I was able to stay on top of the household chores. I made time for scripture reading and writing in my journal. I did so much better on exercise and I actually had time to read or do other leisurely activities. Why am I not like that anymore? Did my days go from 24 hours to 16 hours just like that? No. I just have forgotten how to manage my time and be more consistent with the things that I think matter most. Yes I do spend more time running kids to school and back. Getting three kids ready takes more time than just one. Taking the puppy to go potty at various times of the day does take some time, but I am spending way too much time doing things that don't need to be done. FACEBOOK! There I said it. Yes I do love that I can keep up with my friends that I haven't seen in years, but geez this is ridiculous. And yes I do become obsessive when I am researching something on the internet. If I can't find what I am looking for in a couple of minutes than I need to just get over it and move on to something else.

You are probably wondering why I am talking about this when I started out talking about Tackle It Tuesday. Well for my tackle today I have decided that I am going to become more consistent. I am not going to jump right into it and try to tackle every little thing at once. Recently we were challenged at church to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. The challenge came at the end of August. JBody and I figured that if we read 2 chapters a day we could finish it buy the end of December. 2 chapters, easy enough. We have been really good with being consistent in reading the scriptures with the kids before bed even if it is only a few verses. However, my personal scripture study has been non-existent for the past couple of years. So this challenge has not been easy for me. I soon fell behind....WAY behind. So behind that I had to change from 2 chapters a day to 3. I was struggling with 2 how was I going to manage 3? Yes I am behind with even the goal of 3 chapters a day, but guess what, I have been consistent for over the past week with my scripture reading. I have been able to keep with my goal of 3 chapters a day and then some. What a change it has made in my home as well. I feel more motivated to keep things picked up. I get less irritated with the kids. Things seem more peaceful and less hectic. It really has made a difference. I really feel that because both JBody and I have been reading the scriptures the spirit seems stronger in our home. I know that it is not coming from just our commitment to personally read the scriptures, but with reading them together as a family and having family prayer, being consistent with Family Home Evening, and our personal and companionship prayers.

I am rambling aren't I? Well at least I am blogging again. Again back to Tackle it Tuesday...Next Tuesday I hope to report that I stayed consistent with my reading, but to add to that I am going to be consistent with going to bed with a clean house. That doesn't mean immaculate. It can still be lived in, but I (with the help of the kids) will straighten up the playroom and living room and I will not leave the dishes till the morning. And to add to that list I am going to be more consistent with laundry. Laundry to me is like getting into debt. Once you are in it, it is SO hard to get out of it. And one last thing...I am going to try to become more consistent with blogging again. No promises there. Small steps right?

Are you needing some consistency? What are you going to work on?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st Annual Elder's Quorum Campout

This June we had our 1st ever Elder's Quorum Campout. It was a very small gathering but it was alot of fun. Here are some highlights of the event.

The kids loved playing on this little car that one of the families brought for their little boy. Eventually we had to put a helmet on Razy because the older kids thought it would be cool to send her down the hill. She had a close call almost colliding into a car at the bottom of the hill, but barely missed it. Doble decided he was going to send her down the hill buy himself. Well his aim was WAY off. Needless to say she LOVED it.

Doble enjoyed himself some polly pocket time with Sarah. He was just really interested in the car really.

The kids all loved climbing this tree in Matt's tree stand. Keenan was able to move the stand up and down the tree by himself. The tree stand was used earlier that night to light the fire.

Anna taking her turn in the stand. Lil E couldn't wait for his turn.

Finally Lil E gets his turn. He sat there for a long time.

Razy and Doble loved playing with Anna. I think Doble was crushin on her. She is a cutie, but a little too old for him.

Here is the whole clan before heading out the next morning. It was alot of fun. Hope to see you all there next year guys and hopefully more join us.

Day Out With Thomas

July 12th we took the kids (this was mainly for Doble) to see the REAL Thomas the Tank Engine. This was a dream come true to our HUGE Thomas fan. We started the trip off by driving half way to the Train Museum and getting a hotel room for the night. The kids got excited to take a swim in the hotel's indoor swimming pool. However, the thing was ice cold and we all soaked in the hot tub instead. The next morning we drove the rest of the way to the beautiful Snoqualmie Train Museum for a fun filled day full of Thomas activities. The kids got to explore the old trains they have at the museum, take a ride on the yellow speed car, meet Sir Topham Hat, get train tatoos, roam the gift shop, and much more. However, the highlight of the day for Doble was taking the 20 min train ride on the REAL Thomas.
Meeting Sir Topham Hat. We got really lucky to get in line so quickly. The boys only had to wait about 5 mins to meet the Famous conductor.

These tatoos took Forever to wear off. Doble didn't mind.

Our 3 Little Train Fans.

A Little Train Exploration...CHOO CHOO one tired little boy

Besides riding Thomas...The train play area was Doble's Favorite.

Waiting to take a ride on the Yellow Speeder Car. Mema with sister cheesy face (literally...she had cheetos all over her face) and Doble.

AND HERE COMES THE TRAIN OF THE HOUR!!A Family picture in front of our Favorite Train. Too bad Mommy has her eyes closed.

So excited to be on Thomas! Sitting with Mr. Conductor

Good Bye Thomas!! Thanks for a GREAT DAY!