Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boys Boys Boys

The Spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to life.
~Robert Baden-Powell
I was starting to wonder for a while why we spent so much money on our playset because the kids would just not use it.  All it took was a little sunshine and now they are out there EVERY day playing on the swings, or playing in the fort.  I love that the kids have a great back yard to play in and can go out everyday.  There is something great about being able to look out the window and see all of them playing together OUTSIDE! We have had a rule this summer.  As long as it is nice they have to go and play outside for bit.  I haven't had to remind them because they want to.  They are usually out there ALL day on the swingset or in the pool or the slip n slide.  Summer has been nice with very little tv or electronics.  I just think that not many kids get a chance to play outside because of media devices.  I am determined to make sure my kids find their imagination OUTSIDE and they definately have this summer.