Monday, August 9, 2010

Sister Eveland...Almost a month!

I have neglected to put any of Sister Eveland's emails up recently. I am so behind, but am going to put them all up now. Bear with me and read as you please. There are a bunch. You can also just look up the label Sister Eveland and her letters will be there as well.

Time goes by so fast. Before I know it it will be avacado season..August.. haha

This week was pretty good. We were panted a little because we had meetings and it was raining pretty hard during the late afternoon. Weds we had a meeting at the church for all the new traniers and trainees. The church isn't too far, it is next to the mission home/office but it is our area. When we left our apartment at 1:00pm it was really hot and we were just planning on finding one girl after the meeting who lives down the street from the church and then we would go home and drop everything off. So we decided we should probably be safe and wouldn't need an umbrella. Well at 4:30 30 mins before the meeting was going to be over it started to POUR. My comp and I just looked at each other and started laughing because we knew we didn't have an umbrella and we were going to have to walk to find our referral. I was leading the music and the whole time I was looking out the windows of the chapel and couldn't help but laugh. By the time we found the girl we were both soaked. We literally could ring out our clothes. it was great.

Then the next day it was so hot again. And there was a brown out so when we were studying and stuff in the morning we couldn't use the fan, and I had to shower in the dark, but that is beside the point. No one had ice candy that day and our water bottles were warm within the first hour of tracting. So we decided we would go to one of the two resturants that had a generator and get a cold pineapple juice to cool down. 45 min later when we were getting ready to start our first lesson it started to rain. not just a light rain like we are used to but a pouring rain. By the end of our lesson we were screaming so that they could even hear us. As we walked to our next appointment the path that we take that is normally dry was like walking through a running stream 4 inches deep. No joke it may have been even deeper and that only after maybe 30 mins of the storm. We had to go to all of our appointments and tell them that we would come back if it stopped, because most of them have tin roofs and you can't hear unless you yell. By the time we got to the last house it started to slow down so we went back to the first and started teaching for the night. We had umbrellas but they were use less. I was able to ring my clothes out again. It was awesome though how fast the rivers were created!! haha

The work is so different here. One referral can take over 3 hours to find because all we usually get is a name and Burangay (a burangay is like a community, like sunland for example) if we are lucky we get the purok (which would be like San Juan or some where around the 16th hole) and we get to walk and walk and walk asking everyone we see if they know that person. It can take a long time. Well we got 12 referrals in one day and we get to try and contact all of them!!! It should be great fun!

President and Sister Carlos come on Weds. Sister Villanueva already left because she had the baby in Manila two weeks ago and just stayed down there. I am excited to meet them. p.s. Mom and Dad, did you guys get a letter from them my companion said her mom did.

Well I don't have anymore time. I love you all. Thanks for your support. If you find yourself with a little extra time you can write me a letter on dearelder!! OR even hand write. (hint hint) Have a great, there will be more stories next week I promise. we are already planning on eatting something. But I will leave that as a suprise for next time!!

love, Sister Eveland