Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Merry Christmas Cards!

Todays tackle is to get my Christmas cards ordered so I can get them in the mail.

So I am sitting here getting ready to put an order into costco for our Christmas cards and thought I would post one here for all those who may read our blog. I hope that this Christmas season you have time to reflect on what is really important to you. I know that the four people whom I share this photo with are the most important in my life. I love Christmas and I love sharing it with my husband and children. Christmas is so different when you are grown up and hve children of your own. It is so much better than I remember as a kid. I love teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas and seeing them get excited about everything that Christmas brings. I love the colors, the warmth of our home, the smells, and the goodies. I love that it brings our family closer and we have more opportunities to see and share this time with our extended families and friends. I love the lights of the Christmas tree and the memories of each ornament that is placed upon the tree. I love the music and sounds that Christmas brings. I love seeing my children get excited about what Santa will bring them and the look on their faces when they first come downstairs to see their gifts. But most of all I love the Spirit of Christmas. I love what it means and brings. I love my Saviour whom we celebrate at this time. His birth, His mission. I am thankful for him and his redeeming love. I am thankful to know that my family can be together for ever and I know that it is only through Christ that that is possible. I know that my Saviour died for my sins and that he loves me and wants me to return to him. I will strive this Christmas season to make for TIME for Him, to think of Him, to teach my children more of Him. Because of Him we have this wonderful time of year to celebrate. May you love and enjoy this time of year as much as I do.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Symbols of Christmas: The Christmas Tree

Opening Song: Have a Very Merry Christmas Children's Songbook # 51
Opening Prayer: Daddy

Lesson: Mommy

What is this? (point to your christmas tree of a picture of one) Why do we have Christmas Trees at Christmas? (enjoy their varied answers!)

The Christmas Tree is a symbol of Christmas because :
The evergreen tree means lasting light and life. The needles of the tree point upwards towards heaven. As many things die in winter but the evergreen does not, it symbolizes life in the midst of death or rebirth.

Talk about why you like to put a star or angel on the top of your tree.
Read this scripture to go with your discussion.
Luke 2:9-12 for Angel
Matthew 2:2 for Star

Here is our Christmas Tree all decorated. I love having a tree in our house and I love the lights on it. I wish that I could get a picture of it with the lights on, but it I can't get one to turn out.
Click on links for some Tree Crafts
Christmas Handprint Tree
Fun cardboard and sticker christmas tree

Closing Song: Stars were Gleaming Childrens Songbook #37

Closing Prayer: Child

Click on links for some yummy treats
Cheese Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Krispy Treats

Christmas Tree Sandwiches"

This lesson idea was taken from The Family Home Evening Spot. Please go to her site to share with her your comments on how much you love her lessons. I know I love them and love that she is willing to share them with others.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Christmas Advent Calendar
For today's tackle I needed to get my advent calendar done. I cut it close being that today is the first day of December. But it is done and very cute if I do say so. It is made from a cookie sheet that has been spray painted and emblished with stickers, cutouts, paper, buttons, ect. I didn't get the title done (Countdown to Christmas). I lost my i, but I wanted to get the calendar up so the kids could enjoy it.
Each day the kids will help me add one of the magnetic embelishments.

I really didn't want to glue all of these numbers on the calendar so I used my cricut to cutout vinyl numbers. So much easier and I think that it will keep the numbers form falling off over the years of use.

So tell me what is it that you have planned to tackle before the holidays (ie: homemade gifts, decorations, ect.)