Monday, August 9, 2010

Sister Eveland...Aso, chicken feet, lahat!

I have neglected to put any of Sister Eveland's emails up recently. I am so behind, but am going to put them all up now. Bear with me and read as you please. There are a bunch. You can also just look up the label Sister Eveland and her letters will be there as well.

To start things off for the week, how is everyone? Healthy and happy, I hope! As for now I am up to par, no weird sicknesses, despite the weird things I have eaten this week!! :) I think you all need to read LEV. 11:27...I am unclean.. Because I ate aso and they have paws... And I ate chicken intestines... Yeah I am gross I know. I should have you all guess what aso is before I tell you. The taste was actually pretty good. I may have eaten more of it if I didn't know what it was, but I did..

The weather here has been a little stormy, not TOO many rain storms but windy and over cast a lot. There has been a level one Baugio, but that is nothing, a few weeks ago it got up to a level three. To answer you question mom, there is somewhat of a raining season. Right now, until about Novemeber. Baugio season starts in September and thats when it can get bad. Typhons and all that jazz. But don't worry I am safe... at least that is what they tell me :) haha

Teaching has been rough. But it is good. I have learned so much here. There is still a lot that I don't understand about the people or the culture, but I am learning everyday. Right now I just want to teach people the importance of keeping commitments and what that word actually means. We are still working with the Cauilan Family but we are going to change their baptismal date, which is a good thing. They didn't come to church yesterday, except for Precious, the 12 year-old and her 7 year old cousin. My companion and I were so excited to see her get out of a tricee!! Sister Resendes and I had some great times this week despite the frustrations we were having with some of our investigators. We love them all and want them to understand, but it is hard for two Americans to really understand the cultural things at times. And I am having a hard enough time trying to learn the language. I am still kind of quiet in the lessons but everyday I am learning precept by precept!! I love the work, even days like yesterday when we wake up at 5:30 walk to all of our investigators to remind them to go to church, go through all of our meetings, cook lunch, study, and then walk around in circles for the next 5 hours panted because all our appointments fell through and the less-actives or other investigators we went to visit were busy or not there. It is all worth it!! Especailly yesterday because the Delos Reyes (a couple who we have dinner with every sunday) made French toast!!! They usually make us filipino food but they decided that this week would be american style, so we had french toast and dorritos.. yeah a weird mix but it was great!!

Some random things that happened:

1. we have a dead butiki on our stairs.. we don't know how it died but my companion and I have gotten some pretty funny pictures of it. (a small geko)

2. This morning I was reading the Book of Mormon and I companion had gone up stairs to get something, when all of a sudden she started screaming because there was a bird in our bedroom. Haha

3. I almost stepped on a HUGE rat the other day. I was less than two inches away and I didn't see it at first. Those things are so gross.

4. We found a new investigator this week and they have a talking bird. It looks like a crow. And it speaks Tagalog. It is hiliarious. Someday I will get it on camera and show you!

5. This isn't random but ants run this country. I also have ants crawling on me, or they are all over our apartment, the church, EVERYWHERE!!

6. My companions leg hair has out grown mine 3 times since I have been here. This is gross but I haven't shaved. Good thing my leg hair doesn't grow very fast and it is blond, and I am not in America. Here it is normal to have leg hair, it is actually preferred. WEIRD I KNOW!!

Okay for all of you that have waiting to know what Aso is.. It is DOG. yes I ate someone's pet. Right outside the kitchen door was the stream of blood to prove it.. SORRY mom.. Jason I don't think you have to worry about me coming home and trying to cook Bella or Madden! haha

Well have a great week!! I love you all, and I pray for you everyday!!!

Sister Eveland