Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Cake Posted

I just posted a new cake to my CAKE BLOG. This is one that has been done for quite some time but I am just getting around to posting it. I know I know have been so bad this summer. Take a look if you want.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Now that summer is almost over and school is about to begin again, I am finally getting around to posting Lil' E's Preschool Graduation. This would be the year that I get all teary eyed as I bid preschool goodbye and send my little boy off to kindergarten. However, after much thought we have decided that Lil' E would do better if given one more year of preschool before heading off to Kindergarten. He makes the age cut, but we just feel that he is still too young. He definately looks old enough. He has always been the "big" kid in class and many don't realize that he actually is younger than he looks. We did have to bid Head Start goodbye and now say "Hello" to Little Montessori. He is really excited to move to another school and have Doble attend as well. I am looking forward to the change, but do know that I am going to miss Teacher Betsy. What a great teacher she was for Lil E. I really felt that she LOVED Lil E and wanted to make his preschool experience a good one. She worked very hard with him with his speech and other areas that he struggled with. "Goodbye Teacher Betsy. You will be missed by the Party of Five" Lil E receiving his diploma

His shy, buy "cool" look

Our proud little graduate.
Way to go bud you do make us proud.