Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kalaloch 2010

On Sunday evening we returned from our yearly Kalaloch camping trip.  This year the weather was better than it had ever been.  We actually had to coat the sunblock on the kids everyday.  Each day we spent time down on the beach and every day the kids were in swimming trunks.  We had so much fun that I was willing to stay back with the kids alone a few more days if I would have had a site to stay on.  Bear with all the picutres there were just so many to choose from. 

Day 1 Kalaloch Beach
I was surprised the kids actually got into the ocean after Shark Week, but they each had fun in the waves. Doble loved running from the waves.  Lil' E actually tried a boogie board and Razy loved getting dirty in the muddy sand. It took Razy a bit to let daddy take her into the waves.   

Day 2 Beach 4
The illusive smelt wasn't so illusive this year.  It has been about 3 or maybe even 4 years since we have gotten any smelt down at Beach 4.  This year they were just pouring in with the massive waves.  The kids weren't too excited about these waves.  Doble even got knocked down and if it weren't for his cousin he may have even been swept away.  He only suffered a minor face plant into the sand.  JBody was out in the water up to his waste and even caught a smelt with his bare hands.  Think that is cool?  He actually caught 4 with his bare hands.  Even cooler...I caught 5 with my bare hands.  I thought that was impressive, but a nephew caught 22.  It was alot of fun and well worth getting soaked. 

Sunset at Kalaloch Beach
When you are down at the beach you have to enjoy atleast one sunset.  Not a better night to do so.  No wind, warmth, and a beautiful sunset. The kids played in the sand, while JBody and I chatted with family.  

Day 3 Back to Kalaloch Beach
Every day when you go down the beach, things change.  One day the tide is way up.  Other days the tide is way out and there are little pools to play in.  Today the kids had fun playing in the pools that the tide left behind.  The kids pulled out the boogie boards again today and had a bunch of fun pulling eachother around and slippin across the water pools.