Monday, August 9, 2010

Sister Eveland...Happy Belated 4th of July!!

I have neglected to put any of Sister Eveland's emails up recently. I am so behind, but am going to put them all up now. Bear with me and read as you please. There are a bunch. You can also just look up the label Sister Eveland and her letters will be there as well.

Kumusta po Kayo?

What a week. Some much happened. It was HOT like none other, but yet we still had a few good rain storms at night. Are you ready to hear all of the crazy things that happened?

1. We went to contact referrals that the APs gave us. After OYM (offering our message), teaching a brief lesson one, setting up a return appointment, and looking for the referrals we found out that it wasn't even our area, it was actually the Elder's who gave us the referrals in the first place. Yeah..So our day we were hoping to get investigators ended up be a day of getting investigators for them instead. We later did some contacting kind of by the mission home so we stopped by to get some cold water and give the referrals back to the Elders. President and sister Carlos arrived a few hours earlier so we were able to meet them and talk to them a bit. They are way nice. I am excited to get to know them better. We should have interviews in the next few days. Also Sister Villanueva came back with the baby, so we got to see her as well. The baby is SO cute!!

2. The other night we came home from our appointments and I looked in the Bathroom, next to the toilet there was a rather large spider. But when my companion looked it was gone. We didn't see it again.. until about two nights later when we standing up from saying our prayers for nightly planning and I looked up and it was on the ceiling by my companion. She didn't believe me at first. She told me I had to kill it, so I grabbed the bottle of permethern and just started spaying it. It ended up falling on the ground and I kept spraying it. It got slower, but where ever it went I just kept spaying. Finally it got in corner, it had no chance. Before it could plead one last time the poor thing was dead!! The next morning we had dead cockroaches and bugs on the floor. Permethern is some powerful stuff!

3. Okay this is what we ate.. Palaka..or in english FROG! We went to the palangke Thursday morning and for about 2.50 we got aprox. 25 frogs! Then we took them to an investigator's house to teach us how to cook them. They were actually really good. at least the legs, they really do taste like chicken. My companion told me to eat everything. This was the first time she ate it too. So I tried the stomach..Yeah not a good idea, I picked it apart and there we crickets in it.. I didn't really eat that part but my companion did. Her's was smaller than mine though and didn't really have bugs in it.

4. This week we are having an investigators mom buy Bayowa, you buy it live but you can't get it here. So she is bringing down. Oh yeah in english that is a rather large lizzard!! They sew the mouth shut so it can't bite you. So we get to see them kill and everything. I will send pictures from the start to the finish. It is really hard for two Americans to find a service project so we have started once a week finding an investigator who doesn't have a lot of money and telling that we want to try a certain food and ask if they can teach us how to make it. Then we pay for everything. It actually works out well for all of us in the end. They get a meal and we get cool pictures, experience, and fun stories.

5. BROTHER HELLE AND SISTER LEAH HAVE AGREED TO GET MARRIED!!!! They are trying to set a date. We are hoping that neither of us get transfered in 1 1/2 weeks so that they can get married in Aug and we can both be here. Because if they get married he can get baptized! We are praying for them. Even though sister was sick on sunday they still came to sacrament yesterday. We had the most investigators at church this week since I have been here. And the most RCLAs as well. We found a lot of Less actives this week and we got a good amount of them to come to church. Sacrament meeting attendance was the highest it has been in this branch since the first part of the year. The work is progressing!!!

Well this week was a good one for me. I hope it was for all of you as well. Thank you for the e-mails. p.s. Alisha I sent a letter to you, it is in the same envelope with mom and dads so they will have to get it to you. But, I did get your e-mail today. Thanks!!!

I love you all. Good luck with everything this week.

Sister Eveland