Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sister Eveland...Look at me I carry

by Patrick Appel

Kumusta po kayo?

Ayos lang dito.

This week was, well I am still here and working hard, that is all that matters right?
I don't really know what to say about this week so I will just share some of the things that my companion and I said..

"I wish we would be cute sister missionaries too, and not look like we have rubbed ourselves in butter all day"
-I said this to sister Resendes as we took a 10 min break in front of the fan with ice candy, having been out for two hours, having walked and walked and panted with no lessons. I had been looking at a picture that sister Babb had sent me from NY, they looked cute and here we were sitting our couch looking like we had literally rubbed butter on our faces..We looked greasy and were sweaty like non other..

-Me "Looking at my legs you would tink the hair would be a lot longer than it is seeing as I haven't shaved in 11 weeks"
-Sister (after looking at here legs) "you would think mine would be.."
-Me " Sister you just shaved two weeks ago.."
-Sister "yeah and give it another week and a half and my hair will out grow yours for the third time"
No joke, this all true....

"How hot does it have to be to have the things in your freezer start melting before you even really get them out?"
-Sister Resendes.. No one here ever knows how hot it is. But it has to be some what hot because if we wait more than 30 seconds to break our ice candy it's too late! So if you want to know what I could use, it would be a themometer!!! It has been SOOOOOO hot!!

No time but I loev you all. Thanks for everything!!

Sister Eveland

This girl cracks me up.  No reserve does she.  Maybe if she knew that I was posting her letters for the world to see she would choose otherwise.  Maybe not cause she is just totally Bailey.