Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Yes they are sweet, and cute, and spunky, but oh how they can turn the drama on and then off again just like that!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Medulla Oblongata!!!

On Monday, JBody and I took the kids out to dinner with my parents and sister. We were all enjoying our dinner and having fun family conversation and talking about my parents recent trip to Hawaii. Out of no where Lil' E starts spotting off information about the Medulla Oblongata. What 5 year old knows what that big long word is? I had heard of it, but couldn't tell you much of it. I will have to say that I was quite impressed with my little 5 year old and his knowledge of the brain, heart, and lungs. I give ALL credit of this knowledge to the preschool that he is attending this year. Teacher Georgia and Teacher Paula are two amazing teachers and I am sad that they won't be teaching preschool next year or the years to come. I am just so glad that Lil' E and Doble have been able to attend The Little Montessori. Thank you ladies. We will miss you, but for now we will enjoy the time we have left with you. As for my Lil' E, keep on learning that great stuff your learning!!

Oh and did you know that I am not the boss of Lil' E's body? His brain is the boss of his body. Silly little boy! You say the funniest things, but you must remember that mommy knows what is best for your little body as of right now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Silly Saturday
During our Christmas Eve program we took a little break and everyone gave a silly face. So who do you think is the winner of silliest face. Warning: some are quite disturbing. :)
Lil' E & Noah

Mema & Papa

Doble & Mason
Razy & JBody

Linsey & Austin

Tay Tay & Keenan

Maybe I should have taken a silly face of myself. But since I was the one behind the camera no picture was taken. Maybe next year. Hope you have a fun and Silly Saturday!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sock Curls

Many of you know that I love to do Razy's hair. And boy have I been lucky with being able to do her hair. She has a full head of it and she LETS me do it. I think there are alot of mommies out there that have little girls who kick and scream and won't let them touch their hair. Well that is not the case with me. My wonderful two year old lets me do her hair and at times if need be will even sit for 15 minutes to let me do it. She has even been known to bring me bows and ask me to do her hair for her. I couldn't be happier!!

On sunday I tried a technique that I have forgotten about. I remember my mom doing sock curls on my sister and I, but had forgotten until a friend reminded me of it. Razy got a kick out of wearing socks in her hair and I was extremely pleased with the results.

Step 1: Divide hair into strands. (I only divided Razy's hair into 4 strands)
Step 2: Roll a sock up the divided strand of hair and then tie off. (I used Razy's own socks...Clean Ones)

Step 3: Leave socks in hair for desired amount of time. I remember sleeping with the socks in my hair. However, for Razy's hair I left it in for an hour.

Step 4: Remove socks.

Step 5: Gently pull curls apart. And vioala! Beautiful curls.
Razy usually has pretty straight hair. But the curls held the whole day and she even still had them the next. Definately a technique I will use in the future.
Stay posted for some other fun techniques I have done...or at least pictures of hairdos I do on Razy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Is It So Wrong?

Where have the last 5 and a half years gone. I can't believe that this little boy standing here has grown up. My oldest is going to start Kindergarten this year. He is thriving in preschool and surprises me everyday with what he learns and REMEMBERS.
This is the face of one of the sweetest little boys. Yes he does know how to whine, but geez just look at that face. Can you stay mad at him? I don't think so. He is loving preschool and is such a social bug there. Still a HUGE fan of Thomas, I am thinking we will have our 4th Thomas cake to make this year for his birthday.

Our litte princess is growing up so fast. I can't believe that this year she will be three. She starts preschool this year. She has become so independent. But oh is she growing up to be one beautiful little girl.

So I have a question for all you moms out there...

Is it so wrong for a mother to secretly think she has the cutest kids there ever were?

Do you ever look at your kids and think to yourself how dang cute they are? I will openly admit this. I as a mother of these three children that I have posted think that I have way cute kids. However, I will also be the first to admit that, yes they have their moments when they are not so cute. I am fine with the fact that other people may not think that my kids are cute, because I believe that EVERY mother whether she admits it openly or not thinks that she has the cutest kids on the earth. And we have a right to think this. We are their mothers. We spend day in and day out with them. We hear the cute things they say. We feel their soft chubby fingers, silky hair, and those oh so kissable ears and think to our selves...
So to all you moms out there think it, and think it proud. And I will do the same.