Monday, August 9, 2010

Sister Eveland...Ngayon gabi mabuti!! -"Tonight's gonna be a good night"

I have neglected to put any of Sister Eveland's emails up recently. I am so behind, but am going to put them all up now. Bear with me and read as you please. There are a bunch. You can also just look up the label Sister Eveland and her letters will be there as well.

FIVE HOURS!!! I can't believe this day is here. I feel like I am going to wake up from a dream and still have another few weeks in the MTC.. But that's not the case. Five hours from now I will be loading the bus for SLC and be boarding a plane for LAX where were we will call home and wait patiently until 1:30 to load another plane for Taiwan. I can't wait, I am so exicted.

This week was good. It went by really fast for me. I have some sad news though our zone will be creating a new district for all of the gimps.. Yes those who have gotten hurt and have or will be having surgery. For far there are five of them. Two already got surgery on their knees, one got surgery and on his shoulder and then Elder Tangi (Tongan from N.Z.) and Elder Teo (from Samoa) both are getting surgery on their knees on Weds. They are both in my district and should be leaving with us today. I am bummed for them. Elder Tangi is actually serving in Cauayan with me, so now on our 8 hour bus ride to Cauayan it will just be sister Brown and Elder Merrill and I. It should be fun still. We found out from our teacher on Friday that when he traveled to the mission (he served in Cauayan) he had to go to the MTC in Manila for a few hours and then they took the bus at 8:30pm that night and didn't arrive at the Mission home until around 6:30am. So that is what I am preping myself for. A total of 3 days of traveling. It will be an exciting adventure!! You better be excited for the letters all about it in the next few weeks.

Speaking of letters. I was thinking about it, the best way for you to write me for now will be by e-mail, Some missions only get regular mail every six weeks. But I will let you know once I get there how often we will get snail mail.

Anyway, Brother Itri was showing us pictures on saturday of his mission and I can finally picture myself on those same streets. There are some pretty interesting stories that he had. Lots of bugs there, like spiders the size of your hand and cockroaches that are like 4 inches long. Then you get the rats, but they are more like the size of a larger mouse. Yeah it will be an adventure. I am so glad that I am not in the city though, or at least Manila, he said when he stepped out of the airport they instantly started sweating and it spelt like beer and b.o. NOT EXCITED FOR THAT. But Cauayan is beautiful!! There are mountains there that we can hike on P-days and all shorts of things. I can't wait to experience all these things for myself!!

I am so grateful that the Lord called me to serve in the Philippines. I love the people already, and despite the difficulties I have with the language I love speakig it, it's a fun language. And I only hear good things about the people there. I know that I am called here for a reason and I cannot wait to find out what that reason is. I know that this gospel if true, there is no way that it cannot be. I know that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to young Joseph and that through him the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. I am excited to share this message with everyone that I meet!

I love you all, I pray for you everyday! Whenever you get down or discouraged know that there is a missionary in the Philippines who loves you and is grateful to have you in her life!!!

I hope you have a great week. Look forward to some exciting news next week!!

Love Sister Eveland,
p.s. My addresses are all on Facebook or my mom has them!!