Friday, January 25, 2008

Paradise at the Marriott

So I need to be packing and getting ready but after I saw these pictures I got too excited and decided I needed to share. J Body has a conference this weekend and I get to go with him. Yeah for the much needed break. We talked about bringing all the kids, but after little thought we decided against it. It would be too much work to entertain a baby, a toddler and a preschooler in a hotel room. This way now I can lounge and veg just me and Razy while J Body is in classes. And let me tell you I am looking forward to it 100%. Just take a look at these awesome pictures. The pool area is amazing. I am going to imagine that I am in a tropical paradise (let's say Hawaii) and enjoy myself (even if I do look bad in a swimming suit. I'm not one of those blessed beings who can pop three kids out and look better than she did in high school).

Lil' E and Doble get to spend time with Mema and Papa. Hopefully they are good for them. Poor things have been sick and need some fun. Speaking of sick we get to bring our little sicky with us. Razy has two ear infections and a sore throat. Poor thing hates coughing and sneezing and eating is a pain too. Maybe she can take some naps with mommy by the pool.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I know I will.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me and JOANN

So do you ever go into a store and know that eventhough you know exactly what you are going to buy you will still be there for at least an hour? This is me and my new found friend JOANN. It was decided earlier today that I would make a trip to my favorite place after attending a meeting that was in the area. My meeting was supposed to be from 5:30-7:30, but like most meetings this one got over 30 minutes late. As I was putting Razy in the car I decided that it was too late and needed to get my sicky home (poor little thing is sick, but that is a story for another time). As I got in the car and was heading out of town (JOANN's is 20 minutes from our place), I found myself easing into the righy lane. It was like a magnet was pulling my car to the parking lot. Okay I will go in, but only for a minute. I am only going to look at the beads (I am thinking about making Razy some more bracelets to match her outfits). Of course they have to put the fabric right in the front of the store. Keep going, keep going. Okay I'll just take a peek. There are so many cute fleece prints. Too bad we already have way too many blankets. I guess I don't need any. I make it to the beads. Do I really have the time to make bracelets? Uh...nah, let's go. Wait lets look at the yarn (I want to crochet some really cute hats I found a pattern for). So many colors to choose from. Let's just go. No I do want to make some bows. So off to the ribbon. I should of thought about what would match. Maybe I should look at Razy's wardrobe first. So not today on ribbon. Heading towards the door, something catches my eye. Scrapbook paper 6 for 96 cents (where the heck is the cent symbol on my keyboard?) I like this one, and this one and this one. Wait is is cheaper to buy the pack? Pick and choose. Way to many options. Okay I finally have found some. Now we can go. Almost to the register. Look Razy they still have Christmas stuff and for 70% off. I did get some cute ornaments for $2.99 (Huge Score). Since it is already late I might as well look at the Valentine decorations. Nothing catches my eye so I head to the register. I am being rung up. Hmmm look there's a $1 bin. STAY FOCUSED!! Pay and get out of here. I am out the door (only an hour later). That is a record for me (shortest time spent in there). Why oh why do you do this to me JOANN? Why?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Safety Is Our First Concern!

As many of you may have noticed we have added some changes to our page. To those of you who may have not let me tell you what we have done and why. I was recently vistiting a friends blog and she brought up this up. With so much going on on the internet, we have decided to make our website a little more secure while at the same time keeping it open to the public. To do this I have changed all our names and given us nicknames. In keeping with our anonymity we ask that you change our link on your page as well to J Body and Peaches or The Party of Five. I will be happy to do the same for you as some of you have already asked. You may also have noticed that their have been some comments deleted. I had to do so for the same reasons as above. Thank you all for understanding. Remember we only do this becuase: Saftey Is Our First Concern!

Our New Identities

For now on please refer to us as The Party of Five. Members of The Party of Five are as follows:
D.J. and Peaches, Lil' E, Doble (Spanish word for Double), Razy
This just in D.J. now wants his name changed to J Body. From now on we will refer to him as that, but for previous posts just know that D.J. and J Body are the same person. I know confusing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink and Bows

Let me just tell you that I LOVE having a little girl to dress up. Boys are fun, but in a different way. There is something about having a little girl around the house. I love the pink, the bows, the flowers, and everything else that comes along with a little girl. The old adage...Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice is so true. Our little Razy is too sweet. She has been such a joy to have. When I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed out I just have to look at her big blue eyes and her contagious smile and feel better. Her big brothers love her so much and are so good with her. It is so fun to see Doble grab a burp rag and try wiping up her spit up. Lil' E is always by her side giving her kisses and trying to get her to laugh or smile at him. It is so neat to see D.J. with all the kids. Seeing him hold each of them when they were infants has been really special, but there is something a little different with Razy. It is like she can make her Daddy melt. She has him hooked. She has us ALL hooked.

I know all these pictures look alike, but we took some pictures to send to Daddy at work so he could see Razy's new bow that Mommy had made. We couldn't decide which one to put, so we chose a bunch. Hey it's our page so why not?

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Baby's First Christmas is so much fun. Starting with Lil' E we took his picture in his Santa suit. Doble was next and then of course Razy needed one as well. Their first ornament is a picture of them in their Santa suits on their first Christmas. It is fun to see how each of them look. This year Lil' E got a kick out of seeing himself as a baby in a Santa suit. Here is a picture of each of the kids on their first christmas.

Santa Lil' E

Santa Doble

Santa Razy

Santa Razy!

Santa Razy please leave a present under the tree for me...