Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Only My Child

So Lil' E is really into spiderman lately. He loves to watch the animated series on Toon Disney (thanks to DVR--It is normally on at 4:30 in the morning so we can record it), he loves to jump around the room shooting his "web". He has a spiderman hoodie that he begs to wear everyday. Luckily I have been able to talk him out of it lately. I swear people must think I never change his clothes. Anyway it didn't come to much surprise when on Sunday he came running up to me in the hall and told me that he had drawn a picture in primary. And what do you think it was? Yes, it was a picture of spiderman (well his version of him anyway). I promise we have taught our children spiritual things, it was just on this particular day he had to be the one that had to draw a picture of a super hero instead of Christ or the scriptures or something.

Let me tell you a story that does show he is trying to learn other things than spiderman. One day JBody was at scouts and I had to put the kids to bed myself. We have a bedtime routine of reading from the Book of Mormon, singing a primary song, having family prayer, and then taking the kids up to put on pjs, brush teeth, and bedtime prayers. This particular night I decided to teach the kids "Nephi's Courage". When we finished the song we prayed and headed upstairs. Here is the conversation that took place while putting on pjs.

Lil' E: Why was Laman and Lemuel afraid?
Me: They didn't trust the Lord like Nephi did
Lil' E: Why was Laban bad?
Me: He had the plates and didn't want to give them to Nephi's family. He did bad things.
Lil' E (in a very stern loud voice): Well I would be brave like Nephi. I would go up to that bad man and say You give me those plates. Then I would kick and scream until he gave me them. I would trust the Lord.

He then told me over and over that he would go with Nephi and trust. I was a happy and proud mommy right then.

Alphabet Blog---The Letter I

I is For:
I know: I know it has been forever since I have updated our blog. At this rate it is going to take me all year to get through the alphabet. Being sick, going out of town, three kids, my house, running errands, and preschool have just kicked my butt lately and adding the blog to the mix is just crazy. I will try to do better, but no promises.

Idaho: I got to spend the 2nd week of April in Idaho. One of my brothers got married on the 12th so I went early to surprise my sister and spend some time with her and with some friends. I took Razy and Doble with me. Lil' E and JBody got to stay home, go to school and work and hang out with eachother. It was a lot of fun. We went to Big Jud's and I got to see the new Rexburg Temple. It is beautiful. I wish JBody and Lil' E could have come with us. I already miss J-Rod, Megs, and the kids and my little sis. We really need to get over there more often. I was able to see some old teachers up on campus and see the new changes of the preschool labs. It brought back alot of memories. Rexburg has really grown since we left. Here are some pics of the trip and the wedding...

Look at that monster
He finished it all and had room for some candy ;)

Our Favorite Rexburg Family
Outside the Temple: Austin and Linsey; The couple with my parents
Austin and Siblings (One Brother is missing)
Introducing the Bride and Groom
The Wedding Dinner (love the bib)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter H

H is For:
Happiness: Well you probably know by now that my children and husband bring me much happiness. It makes me happy to hear them laugh. It makes me happy to know that they need me. It makes me happy when they obey. It makes me happy to see them learn. It makes me happy to watch the play. They just make me HAPPY!
Husband: My Husband...JBody! Let me give you some random facts about him.
1. He is no longer in his 20's
2. He is 3 years 9 months older than me
3. He loves Mixed Martial Arts
4. He would love to be a U.F.C referee
5. He is the youngest of 6
6. He has two very deep dimples
7. He is a chiropractor
8. Thus he is good with his hands
9. He is what some would say a sports feen
10. He thinks he is the funniest person (and at times he is very right)
11. He is extremely good looking
12. He is average height (sorry mom)
13. He is addicted to Diet Pepsi (well maybe not addicted but he sure loves the stuff)
14. He is very kind and willing to help out
15. He cleans!! The bathroom is his chore. Thanks hun
16. Right now he is sick like the rest of us! Hopefully he gets better before work tomarrow.
17. He likes to play Halo
18. He likes to throw the kids on the love sac
19. The kids like it when he throws them on the love sac
20. He took me to a baseball game for our first date (Rainers)
21. He took me to a Mariners game for our second date
22. He kissed me on the second date
23. He kisses good
24. He has little hands
25. My hands are bigger than his
26. He sleeps on the right side of the bed
27. He makes up lyrics to songs all the time
28. He doesn't know the lyrics to songs but sings them anyway
29. He fell off a bunkbed when he was little
30. He has the scar to prove it
31. He would tell you he got his scar by eating peas with a knife
32. Or getting in a fight with a gang when he was on his mission
33. He served his mission in the San Fernando, California Mission
34. He has lived in Korea
35. He likes peanut butter cup blizzards
36. His favorite Candies are the Chicks and Rabbits at Easter time
37. He didn't get any this year because they didn't sell them
38. He currently is reading A March to Madness
39. He recently finished reading The Punch
40. Lil' E looks alot like him
41. He was a cute little boy
42. He likes Thai food
43. He is a sports fan
44. He routes for the underdog
45. He routes for the Mariners
46. He routes for the Seahawks
47. He has been a 49er fan since he was young
48. His favorite number is 8 (age of baptism and steve young's number)
4. He is a great dad
50. And a wonderful husband
Home: We recently moved into a new home. Well new to us. I really do need to take some pics but I just haven't gotten around to it. We love it. It has 4 bedrooms (one is used as a playroom/computer room) and one and a half baths. We love having our own space back and a yard for the kids to play in.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter G

G is For:
Graffiti: I have always thought that grafifiti is actually pretty neat. The art of it I mean. There are some pretty talented people out there. They are so artistic. When we lived in Portland we saw it everywhere and all though it was vandalism and I still had to look in amazement.
Gallimaufry (a mixture of different things; hodge-podge): So the letter G is a hard one for me to come up with words. I did some searching and found a site that had a list of unusual words that begin with the letter g. Here are a few I thought were interesting.

galactophorous: bearing or carrying milk (I could say that I am galactophorous)

gammicism: inability or hardship in pronouncing letters 'g' and 'k' (Lil' E struggles with this a little)

gamomania: obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals (Do you know anyone who fits here?)

gastrosopher: a person skilled in matters of eating

gelasin: dimple in the cheek that appears when one smiles (JBody, Lil' E, and Razy all have gelasins)

geniophobia: fear of chins (I just have to laugh at this one. Some of you may understand because you may know one of JBody's nicknames)

gynotikolobomassophile: one who nibbles on women's earlobes (not only is this word funny, but it is funny that there is even a word for a person who does this)