Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"STAY"cation Destination 3

On our way to destination 3 we came across 3 eagles.  You can see the first up at the top of the tree, but if you look carefully on the branch down toward the bottom right you can see another.  It was a younger eagle, but still very large.  When it heard me get out of the car and start walking toward the tree it flew out of the tree and scared me.  I couldn't get my camera ready because I was running.  You know me and my bird fear, there was no way I was standing around with that bird 15 feet from me.  I jumped back into my car to take pictures.

At our Destination

 On the way the kids were really good little hikers.  It was the coming back when they were wet, cold, and hungry that it took a little longer.
Lil' E found this slimy slug.  I was pretty impressed due to the camo nature of the slug.

Looking out to Sea.  Doble was fascinated with the water.

Look brother at what I found. The kids really love any beach.  They love picking up shells and rocks.

The view to the left of the beach.

Foamy water

View to the right of the beach.

Ye haw!

We of coarse came during high tide.  The waves were getting little too big for our liking fast.

I love Lil' E's pose here. 

Hurry run the waves are going to get us.  I was surprised that Razy wanted to play in the waves.  Normally she is as far away from them as possible.

Whatcha got Doble?

Let me see too.

Ohh I can write my name too

Deep consentration

She doesn't even realize what is coming

She does now

Hurry run!

It got my finger

I looked down for a sec to see a picture I had just taken and Doble and Razy were getting attacked.

Let me help you sister

She was not happy AT ALL!

The Hike Back

He held his hands like this during the whole hike because he didn't want to get his pants (already wet and dirty) dirty with sand.

Our red rough salamander friend

His belly was a cool orange.

Can you guess where we went today?
Remember if you are visiting from facebook, please leave your comments here or private message me you guess and I can add it in. It is easier if you do it here, but I am happy to help those who might be having trouble posting to blogger. If you haven't made your guess to yesterdays post feel free. You have until the end of our "STAY"cation Destination giveaway to do so. The game ends Sunday at 10pm and the winner will be announced Monday.



Totally looks like pictures we took going to the spit last year. My guess is the Dungeness Spit

Roxanne Brickey

Dungeness Recreation site .......cute pictures!!!!! BTW I would have never guessed the restaurant.....we don't ever eat Sushi and I found out today that it's in Port Townsend.

Roxanne Brickey

"the view to the right" of the beach is the spit....just looked at the pics again


Going to have to go with Salt Creek Man I think I may need to visit home more often.


the spit with the light house
Chris via Facebook


Not sure thinking out at the spit because of the eagles, but didn't know the waves were like that... Dunno.. Hugs, Trish


Looks like volunteer park. Sequim bay, the spit in sequim.