Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introducing the newest members of the hen house

Today we added 10 more members to our hen house. Aren't they so cute?  Yes I know I just got done sharing my phobia of birds, but for some reason chickens don't fit into that fear.  They do get kinda creepy looking, almost like a dinosaur, when they are teenagers.  Aren't most teenagers scary and awkward looking?  I was so excited to find out that the two breeds I really wanted were avaliable from a local breeder.  So now onto introductions. 
We don't have names yet.  The black ones you see are Cuckoo Marans.  They lay a dark brown egg.  This breed was the one I was looking into the most.  All but one of the others are Cochins.  A friend of mine told me about these gentle birds and I knew I wanted some.  We got a black cochin, a blue (grey) cochin, a partridge cochin, and a blue frizzle cochin.  I need to get a picture of that one.  It has curly feathers.  Super cute.  The odd one you see at the bottom of the pile (brown) is a Buttercup. 

You can see Buttercup better in this photo.  She (well hopefully) is the one facing the camera.  She is unique in that her comb will come in as a crown. 

We are hoping to add a couple of Buff Orphingtons to the group in the next couple of weeks. 



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