Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ornithophobia- The Fear of...

Beautiful as they are I am begining to fear these large birds.  Let me explain to you first my great fear of birds.  I don't know what the phobia name is, but I have it...a phobia of birds.  It all started when JBody and I were living in Idaho.  We went camping with some friends and in the morning I had to go potty.  I really dislike that part of camping, especially when the potty consists of a Honey Pot.  However, when you gotta go you gotta go.  So I left the comfort of our tent to go to the bathroom.  JBody stayed in the tent and fell back to sleep after I left.  If he had only stayed awake and realized I had been gone for ever he would have come to rescue me sooner.  Rescue you might ask?  Well let me explain.  As I went into the Honey pot I was being dive bombed by birds.  I took shelter in that outdoor potty as I heard the birds chirping and flying all over the roof.  I did my business and hoped for the best as opened the door.  No luck.  There was no way I was going to leave that shelter.  Everytime I opened the door the birds attacked.  Yes they were attacking it was not my imagination.  I was in that Honey pot for a good 30 mins as I prayed JBody would wake up and come to the rescue.  I finally heard him.  He was looking for me.  I peared out the door and explained to him that I was being attacked by the birds.  Of course his reaction was not the one I wanted.  He burst into laughter.  As he came my way, I opened that door and ran protecting my head with my arms.  Why would these little innocent (yeah birds aren't innocent, haven't you seen The Birds?) birds be attacking me?  They were protecting their babies.  There was a nest above the Honey Pot and they thought I was the enemy.  From that day I have disliked and feared all birds (well all but my beloved chickens). 

So what does a Beautiful Bald Eagle have to do with my story? Just as the birds in the story were protecting their young, I had to protect my own just a week ago.  We have a little yorkie poo named Bella.  As we were out planting trees last week I heard to eagles conversing with one another.  I kept looking up to see if I could see them and I would call Bella to my side.  She would obey and all would be fine.  As I was cleaning up I heard them again.  This time I looked up and ran to our little pup.  The eagles were heading straight for her. Even after picking her up they still continued to fly at me.  I swear they would have picked her up right out of my hands.  Luckily my van door was opened and once again I found shelter from the birds.  After returning little Bella to the house we watched the eagles as they continued to stalk our pup.  Every couple days or so we see them.  They are looking for her.  Just waiting for us to slip up and leave her unattended.  I will not make that mistake as we have already lost a pet to a bird of prey.  Rest in Peace mama fluff.  And there you have it.  You now know of my phobia of THE BIRDS!