Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"STAY"cation Destination 2

This Destination is a favorite of the kids.  We like to visit a half dozen times a year. Many times bringing along Mema and Papa.  It is the perfect little beach for little ones who like to throw rocks in the water and for those that like to collect shells, sea glass, and rocks.  Today as we walked the beach we found several shells and even some sea glass for Mema. 
Many in the area might not know this, but this destination is even considered a hidden gem.  It is rarely crowded or being used.  Making it the perfect day trip with your family to visit.  And even quiet enough for you to go alone and sit on a beached log to meditate. 

As we combed the beached the waves continued to roll in.  So the kids's once dry pants were of course wet.  They just had to try to beat the waves.

The table should be a giveaway as to what restaurant we had dinner tonight.  Boy was it YUMMY!  
Can you guess where we went today?  You can get a point for answering correctly where I took the kids today, and a point for where JBody and I enjoyed our dinner date with friends. 
Remember if you are visiting from facebook, please leave your comments here or private message me you guess and I can add it in.  It is easier if you do it here, but I am happy to help those who might be having trouble posting to blogger.  If you haven't made your guess to yesterdays post feel free.  You have until the end of our "STAY"cation Destination giveaway to do so.  The game ends Sunday at 10pm and the winner will be announced Monday.



Is the restaurant Ichikawa in Port Townsend?

Roxanne Brickey

Port Williams........will have to think about the restaurant! Will have to tell Morgan that we could have babysat!!!!!!!!


Totally random guess, but did you take the kids to Ediz Hook in Port Angeles?


I'm going with Port Williams with the kids but as for where you and Jbody had dinner I think I loose out on that one!


I am going to have to say day 2 was at a beach near port angeles.
Chris via Facebook


Port Williams


Port Williams beach.


Stacy via Facebook
The beach where Keenan made his Christmas tree and then Ichikawa Restaurant.