Friday, April 1, 2011

"STAY"cation Destination 4

Sorry about todays "STAY"cation Destination post.  It is late is a day late.  It was too late last night to post and I figured I would keep you all wondering where we went.  Today was a fun day.  We met up with my cousin and her three kids and my mom.  The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins that they don't get to see very often...we will be changing that in the future. 

This cute girl is my cousin's oldest.  She is 2 years older than Lil' E, but they got along so well.

Tired little girl curled up on Mema's lap.

Razy doesn't want to have her picture taken and is trying to pull the stoller over her head.  Lil' E is showing off his wax dinosaur.  He brought his own money with the plan to make this.  I had no idea, but he knew exactly what he wanted before we even left home.  He was so proud of it.

I have a few more pictures to share with you about where we went today.  However, I am waiting till the game is over to share them.  You guys are getting too good at guessing and I have to make them a little harder. 

Can you guess where we went today?

Remember if you are visiting from facebook, please leave your comments here or private message me you guess and I can add it in. It is easier if you do it here, but I am happy to help those who might be having trouble posting to blogger. If you haven't made your guess to yesterdays post feel free. You have until the end of our "STAY"cation Destination giveaway to do so. The game ends Sunday at 10pm and the winner will be announced Monday.