Saturday, March 26, 2011

Introducing Basil!

Last summer JBoday and I converted our tool shed (barely seen to the left) into a larger chicken coop.  The old chicken coop was still connected to the run and the other coop.  The smaller coop still was being used a bit by one of our hens.  She would sleep all alone in it at night.  A few of the the others would lay in it.  Well this week I took 3 days to convert this cute little coop into a cuter little bunny hutch.  Why did it take me 3 days...I will tell you.  First I cleaned it.  I emptied all the bedding and poo.  Then sprayed it with water and then with bleach and rinsed again.  This was easier said than done.  I only had a 6X18 inch hole on the side to push the extra water out (and there was ALOT). 
The next day when the coop was all dried I installed some vinyl flooring.  I wanted something easy to clean up.  The vinyl will help with that I think.  Straw was placed on top and a waterer, feeder, and litter were added.  I then had to create a divider between the bunny run and the chicken run.  This was alot harder than I thought.  For the first time I used a power saw alone.  I took a big peice of wood and cut it to fit as a divider.  Using hog wire I finished the divider.  Or so I thought...(that story to come). Once the divider was in I laid a roll of sod down in the run.  Don't forget the toys and we are set for BASIL!

Little Basil in his newly remodled home. 

The Hen's nesting box was converted into Basil's new bedroom.  Perfect for our little guy.

Is this not the cutest little faces you have ever seen.  I can't wait till we get to know him and his little personality better.  I thought bunnies don't like to be held.  However, our little guy (as long as he is picked up correctly) doesn't mind being held.  Right now it is mostly by me.  I am to nervous to have one of the kids hold him and then he jumps out of there arms and runs loose all over the yard.  Once he gets used to us more we will venture to playing in the back yard with him. 

So for the story I mentioned earlier.
We got Basil on Thursday night.  On Friday morning, before taking Lil' E to school, I went to check on Basil.  We was gone and no where to be found.  I finally looked in the Hen House.  Nestled in a corner behind a nesting basket was little Basil.  Silly Bunny!  That day I added another thing of hog wire to make smaller holes.  I was sure this would work.  Nope wrong again.  That night JBody went to put the chickens into the Hen House and Basil was back in his little corner behind the basket.  We closed up his ramp so he couldn't escape for the night.  This morning I got up and added two more things of hog wire.  He won't be visiting the hens tonight.  I am just happy he didn't venture out of the Hen House and inot the world of the back yard.  We would have never seen him again.