Monday, March 28, 2011

"STAY"cation Destination 1

Okay readers here is our first "STAY"cation Destination post.  I was a bit nervous when I looked at the weather and it said RAIN on the forcast.  However, like many of you know, we get pretty lucky and when it says there are going to be showers that could mean for a few minutes and then out pops the sun again. When I woke up this morning to the sunshining, I jumped out of bed...well after falling asleep for a bit, and told the kids to hurry and get dressed.  It wasn't until after my shower that I decided on a place to take the kids.  We made a quick lunch to take with us and loaded into the car.
Can you tell that our little Razy isn't feeling to well?  She had a rough night last night.  I actually think she may have a slight fever as she is sitting next to me as I am writing this.  Hopefully she doesn't get worse or we may have to post one our "STAY"cation. 

A picture of one of the signs found along the trail.

Lil' E was fascinated with this tall slanted tree.

This cool hollowed out tree was hollowed due to a fire.  You can actually still rub the black soot onto your skin.  A group of kids in front of us covered thier faces in it.  I was glad the kids chose to stay clean. 

Looking from the inside up

The reflection on the lake was so beautiful.  The water was so calm.

I got a smile out of her

On the way home we stop at the convient store and got some yummy Cascade Glacier Ice Cream.  I snuck a lick and boy was it YUMMY!!

Ice Cream makes you smile no matter how crummy you might be feeling.

Fun, fun, day with a fun, fun ending.  The hike was just the perfect length.  Not too long, and not too short.  I had planned a going on another close by, but decided that Razy and Doble were probably a little young for it.  I am glad we opted out of it this time, but will definately be taking Lil' E sometime in the near future.  The weather was so cooperative.  It did begin to sprinkle on us about the time we wanted to leave so it worked out wonderfully.

Can you guess where we went today? Remember if you are commenting, they won't be posting until the end of the game so it gives everyone a fair chance to guess.  If you are visiting from my facebook page, please remember to post your comment here and not on facebook.  GOOD LUCK!!

Accepting a few diffent names for where we went today. If you know more than one let me know and you can receive more points. 



I'm going to have to go with Lake cresent. It's sad but there are only a few place I would really know. Oh well hope that you had lots of fun!

Super Mom Mom

Lake Sutherland, Shadow Mountain General store =) Dede


You went to Lake Crescent and Granny's Cafe?


This is really hard when you aren't from this area...Is it Lake Crescent?

Roxanne Brickey

Lake Crescent, Marymere (sp) Falls trail, Lake Crescent Lodge and Shadow Mtn for ice cream!


Hi Alisha, I don't know if I am doing this right but I am gonna guess Lake Crescent and Lake Crescent Lodge. And I hope I am right by posting here...I feel like a fish outta water... Trish Johnson


Lake Cresent, Lake Cresent lodge, I know the hike but I don't remember the name! Cute looks like it was a great day! ♥ jenn


Hoh rain forest.
Chris via facebook


Stacy via Facebook
Lake Cresent