Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday
"Yes, I'm wearing my brother's pajama pants! What's it to you?!

Last weeks photo title winner is Alice
I chose to hide her comment only because it shared a name in it. Trust me it made me laugh and remember the good old days. Remember no names please, but Alice I loved it too much not to claim you as the winner . Follow the link to see the picture and see the update as to what the picture was about. Do you want to win? Then come up with a title for this weeks Wordless Wednesday picture.
Todays Winner is April
Check out the Title to see her comment.
She knows Razy all to well. Yes these are her brother's pj pants. We were getting ready for bed and I was trying to go for the 70's disco look. She wasn't into it though.



Great photo... lets see...if it was my son who give me that look... I know something sassy would be coming very shortly from his mouth. LOL.

Something like, "Yah, what are YOU staring at?" or my favorite... "take a picture it will last longer"

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


I'm awful with coming up with titles, but the photo is so cute!

Makes me think of my little one, who always tells me "No more flash" when I try to take photos.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!


I think Razy looks like she wants to say, "Yes, I'm wearing my brother's pajama pants! What's it to you?! I'm tired and they were the first thing I could find when I crawled out of bed this morning. I've got to go have a cup of milk. You know how I am before I've had my first cup of milk!"

She is always too cute not matter what she is wearing! love, april