Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Did I Tackle It?

Not only did I tackle the refrigerator, I conquered it. It actually didn't take me very long to finish it either. Lil' E came home from preschool and looked inside, turned to me, and asked "Did we eat all the food?" Nope mommy just threw it all away.
Here is a list of everything else I was able to tackle today...
  • Showered and dressed myself and 3 kids all BEFORE preschool and got there on time.
  • Played legos with Doble and Razy
  • Cleaned and organized the refrigerator
  • Washed dishes and loaded the dishwasher
  • Picked Lil' E up from preschool
  • Stopped by a friend's home
  • Lunch (yes it was leftovers but hey we all sat at the table together)
  • Cleaned the dining room (Razy can do a doezy on the floor in there)
  • Cleaned the living room and vacuumed (well Lil' E did most of the vacuuming. He has really taken a liking to it.)
  • Read to the kids
  • Put Razy down for a nap
  • Did an art project with the boys (They turned out really cute. I will have to post a picture later.)
  • 3 loads of laundry.
  • Autumn came over to play for little while she was joined by her big brother later in the day.
  • Surfed the web a bit tweeked the blog a bit.
  • Dinner (Sorry can't say I actually made
  • JBody came home and helped me come up with a shopping list.
  • Went grocery shopping (no kids) to Costco and Safeway.
  • JBody and I put a trunk load of food and household items away.
  • Sat down to relax and watch AMERICAN IDOL!!!
  • This post