Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

JBody, Peaches, Laners, Cyndi, J-Rod, and Megs

Oh the good old days of college. Yes this picture was taken at a college dance. We look so young that you would think we were in High School. College seems so long ago. Actually it was quite awhile ago, about 7 years since this picture was taken and 8 and half since we started. I loved college, the friends, the classes, and the environment. JBody and I went to a church college. When we first enrolled it was Ricks college, but later it changed to Brigham Young University-Idaho. What a great place. There really is something special about BYU-I. It continues today to hold onto the "Spirit of Ricks". The student-teacher relationships, student-student relationships, and the spirit that it creates. The town since then has gotten alot bigger, but at the time it was just a small town with the school set up on the hill. Now there is a LDS temple and numerous church buildings, married housing, and much much more. There are times that I miss it, but am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to blessed to attend such a great school. It is where I was able to gain a stronger testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and build a strong foundation on the way I wanted to live my life and teach my children.


Luke and Katie

Ahhh, the good old memories of Ricks/BYU-Idaho...sure miss it!! We had a blast in the Child & Family Studies dept, didn't we?! Sure miss Suanne and you!


We also have so many fun memories, of when we were "young" and students! This dance of course, the slumber party, albevilskivers (sp?), the couch game, rook, any games, our campout w/the killer crows, and on, and on, and on!! We miss you guys tons and tons, thanks for the memories!!! Love ya!!


that looks so funny! you totally pinned the 80s!