Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreams of a White Christmas Came True

The week before Christmas the weather really started to get cold and we were surprised with a few different snow storms. They came right before school was supposed to get out so Winter Break began 2 days earlier than expected. The boys loved the snow. Razy on the other hand wanted to play outside when she saw her brothers get their boots on, but once she touched the cold white stuff she wanted nothing to do with it. However, she loved watching it fall from the warmth of the house.

Yes they did finish Frosty, and I do have a picture of him I just forgot to upload him to the computer. He didn't last long. We had a family friend come over and the boys decided that it was his time to go. Maybe next year Frosty.
We were graced with the snow one more time on Christmas Morning. JBody was so excited that he ran outside and started dancing in the snow. It came down really good for a good 30-45 minutes. This was the first White Christmas that either of us could remember. Yes there has been snow on the ground before, but just not snow falling from the sky. It was so beautiful and peaceful. JBody and I sat on our recliner together watching the snow fall as the boys played with their Santa gifts. Razy didn't wake up till 8:30 that morning. The boys had a hard time waiting for her. We made them wait till she woke up to open the rest of their gifts.