Monday, January 5, 2009

Seeing Santa

Yes I know that I am late getting these pictures up. Still I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Each year the kids react differently to seeing Santa. The first time they were all too little to understand or care for that matter. However, by the second and third time I am wondering if they will ever like the jolly old elf. The boys were fine with him. Lil E is always shy so he quietly told Santa what he wanted. Doble jumped right up on his lap. At one point he even cut in line. As for Razy she hated every minute of it. First of all she doesn't go to any men that she doesn't know, but when you add a face full of hair it freaks her out even more. The mean mommy that I was made her endure the pain three different times for photo ops.
The kids and Mema. Razy just focused on Mema.

Nope she wanted nothing to do with the old elf. To tell you the truth I think that this Santa's Helper didn't want to be here either.
Okay mom just let me go!!!

She had no idea that she was on his lap. Not until she turned around. I wish I had a picture to show her reaction. This was our favorite Santa this year, but alas it was the only picture I was able to get and you can barely she is face. This was taken the ward Christmas Party. He was the same Santa that came last year. So if you want to see his face you will have to scroll back through my posts.