Monday, April 11, 2011

My Ideal Romantic "Stay"cation

Yes I did just get done having a fun filled "Stay"cation week with the kids.  But I was thinking about it and JBody didn't get to enjoy any of it.  Lately we have been busy with getting our yard and garden completed in time to plant new flowers and yummy fruits and vegetables.  It is almost complete. Then there is wrestling practice and now baseball practice.   It has been fun to work alongside one another and see the kids having fun, but it has been almost every night of the week and then weekends.  I think it is time to treat the "two" of us and spend a little one on one time with eachother. 

I am hoping that JBody doesn't decide to look on the blog any time soon because I am thinking of a fun, and romantic getaway for the two of us.  I recently joined a "Stay"cation Swap (information can be found by clicking the Staycation Swap button on my sidebar).  It is sounds so fun and I can't wait to do it.  The idea behind the swap is to pair up with another person and send them a box filled with goodies for "Stay"cation that fits their liking.  We each will be blogging about a "Stay"cation idea that we would enjoy doing.  Maybe with a little luck our boxes will be filled with things to make that "Stay"cation idea come true. 

So what would I enjoy doing for my "Stay"cation?  I know exactly what to do.  I would spend a little time just me and JBody.  Look at that cutie in the picture.  No not me, him.  This is the two of us when we were first engaged.  I look at this picture and just smile.  Look at how young we looked.  Any "Stay"cation with him by my side would be perfect, but I do have an idea in my head of one in particular. 

Our day would begin by dropping our three crazy, fun, loud, sweet, adorable children off at my moms house.  I would pack them a bag of goodies that they could enjoy with Mema for thier own little "Stay"cation.  Maybe a movie and some popcorn.  The kids love it when we go to the store and they each get to pick out thier own candy.  Along with the movie and goodies, I would pack some of thier favorite games to play with Mema.  My kids love memory and Razy really loves Dominoes.  They each got these games for Christmas and are always begging to play them. 

Then our day really begins. 

Going for a Romantic Bike Ride
JBody and I don't own bikes so we would have to find some to rent or borrow.  But, how fun would it be to find a meandering country road or a beach at sunset.  We have plenty of roads with little traffic for the two of us to enjoy a slow-paced ride enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.  Along the way we would take breaks to laugh or catch our breath.  Just being out and experiencing nature together would be exhilarating and get the blood flowing to the heart.
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Romantic Picnic For Two
Our bike ride would eventually bring us to our lunch destination.  I would plan ahead of time for our picnic lunch to be set out and ready for the two of us to enjoy.  The basket would be filled with fruits and veggies. Maybe some cheeses and sparkling cider, finger foods or sandwhiches.  Look how cute these photos are.  Doesn't this look so fun and romantic? I would definately need to invest in a cute basket.
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An Overnight Stay at a Local Bed and Breakfast or Country Cottage
When JBody and I were married we spent a couple nights in a cute little cottage that had views of the beach.  I would love to go back, just to enjoy an evening getaway from the kids, work, and the hustle bustle of life.  We could pack a couple movies we have been wanting to watch and enjoy a quiet evening just the two of us.  Then later that night we could go out and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or hot cider as we watch the sunset or gaze at the stars.  Is this sounding too cheesy?  I think it sounds perfect.
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The next day before going home we could rent some kayaks and go kayaking out to the Lighthouse on the Spit. I have always wanted to go kayaking and think it would be the perfect ending to a romantic getaway with the love of my life.

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Now that I have shared with you my "Stay"cation idea, what would you choose to do for a "Stay"cation?  This could be something for yourself like a DIY spa day, a romantic getaway with your significant other, or a fun filled adventure for the whole family? I would love to hear them.



Hi Peaches! I am a new follower and also participating in ATLYankeeBelle's Staycation swap! Your ideas look like such a fun and romantic Staycation! Can't wait to see if maybe we're partners!


Padded Cell Princess

Is that the Sequim lighthouse? You look very familiar and if you are who I think you are, then we were in an Operetta together I believe. Small blogging world!