Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christmas Review - Where Christmas Trees Come to Life

What?  Christmas already?  No I do know that it is still another 5 months away.  I do love Christmas and I will tell you the truth I am always on the look out for screaming deals to tuck away for the holiday time.  I was super excited when I was approached to do a review for  Why was I so excited?  I am one of those people who loves to find an ornament for each of her kids each Christmas.  I try really hard to make it one that will remind the kids what they were into that year.  Last year I searched and searched and searched for a Shark ornament with no luck for Lil' E.  I didn't even think to look online.  Silly me.  I was even going to buy a shark toy and somehow turn it into an ornament.  He settled for a sport ornament instead.  This year I need to look no further. 
Christmas had a shark ornament.  In fact they have an ornament for really anything you are looking for. 
Look how sweet this little ornament is.  You can customize it too.  If you have a son with brown hair you can switch it to brown haired.  Or maybe you are having a baby girl. You can make the baby he is holding a baby girl.  Or what about a big sister and baby sibling.  So cute.  You can find glass ball ornaments with Baby's First Christmas written on them as well as picture frame ornaments a many others. 

Are you recently engaged, newly wed, or celebrating an anniversary or other big event as a couple?

Anniversary, Wedding & Engagement Christmas Ornaments may be what you are looking for. For example maybe you are just bought your first house together or are celebrating your first Christmas together.  Look at this sweet gingerbread christmas cottage.
When you are on vacation do you look for that perfect ornament to remember your trip?  Ever had a hard time finding one?  Christmas carries Vacation Ornaments.

I loved this summery fun ball ornament.  What a great little reminder of a warm summer day hanging on your Christmas tree as the snow falls and you sip hot cocoa.  I am thinking I need to buy this ornament as a gift for a friend who loves sunshine and looks forward for winter to pass.  The selection of vacation ornaments is huge.  They have Countries, Beach, City, State, Tropical, and Western themed ornaments.

And of course they carry all your traditional type ornaments as well.

What do I think of the product:
The real critic would be Lil' E.  He loves his new ornament.  I definately am going to have to put it away before he chooses a place in his room to keep it until Christmas.  Even though it is HIS ornament, here are my thoughts on it.

Not only was this product beautifuly painted, the quality of the glass was way better than I expected.  It seems like everything now days is being cheaply made.  I was thinking I would have to place this little shark high on the tree so that little hands couldn't get to him and easily break him.  Yes he is still fragile...he is glass, but it is a very strong glass.  He is beautifully painted and then topped with a very nice amount of glitter.  It isn't so covered that glitter is left all over everything.  Just enough to give it the look and glisten of shark skin.  I can't wait to him him on the tree with the light catching on him. 

Along with the ornament came a little info blurp that was fun for the kids to read.  It wasn't much, but you can tell that thought is put into these ornaments.  Just that little extra something puts them over the edge against competitors.

My ordered arrived very quickly.  I placed the order and within 5 days recieved it, that is including the weekend.  Without the weekend I think it would have arrived sooner.

So yes it is only April and Summer hasn't even begun...but don't you feel better about the whole holiday season when it is stress free because you have already done your shopping?  I know I do.   

Need some help and hints to a Christmas shopping ease?  Christmas has put together a couple ideas to help with holiday shopping.