Monday, April 4, 2011

What's in a Name? Time for a Name Change.

So I have been thinking for a while now that I really need to change the name of our blog.  No we aren't pregnant and becoming a party of 6.  I figured that would be the first thing to run through many heads. I need something that describes my blog more.  Something that can be found easy and has the name of our blog in the url.  The only problem is I am horrible at wit.  I cannot come up with a witty name that plays off of things in my blog.  So here I am asking for help.  I am asking my readers...though it is still few.  I know you guys can come up with something cute.  I mean look at what you have already come up with for yourselves...

These are just a few to mention.  I have come up with a couple, but am afraid to share due to I think they are cute, but do you?  Maybe I shouldn't worry what others think, but I do.  I am a pleaser.  Not only do I want to please myself, I tend to try to please everyone else first. Okay, okay I will share my thoughts.  Don't laugh and if you do don't tell me.  I am kind of playing with the idea of peaches and I do use it on the blog a bit.  I did even use it for my cake blog...Peach of Cake.
How Sweet It Is
Sweet is the Life
The Sweet Life
Life's Sweetest Moments
I don't know.  Maybe I shouldn't even go that route.  I just know that I want to change our name and yes even with it being a pain, my url as well.  So what do you think?  Can you help me out? Through your ideas at me.  They can be with or without sweet in them.  I just need something GOOD!