Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am Thankful for Family Scripture Time

I am Thankful for Family Scripture Time
Each night we read a few verses from the Book of Mormon with the kids. 
 JBody will read a line and one of the kids will repeat it.
They are still too young to read on thier own, but we have noticed how they have improved leaps and bounds with thier listening skills and even thier articulation.
Lil E' has even been able to pull a couple words out and read them by himself. 

I picked up some scripture cases for the kids this weekend from the Time Out For Women Conference.  I put a soft covered Book of Mormon into each of thier cases and today at church they loved having thier own copy.  Razy had hers this morning and was reading from it.  She was pointing at the pictures and telling us who they were of. 

Family Scripture time can be difficult at times, but it is something that also brings alot of joy.  After we read we sing a primary song and have family prayer.  The kids will even volunteer to sing solos and share thier testimonies with us.  It is wonderful to listen to your kids share with you thier sweet testimonies and feel the spirit as they sing.  It is a time that I know I will miss when they move out and it is just JBody and I.