Friday, November 19, 2010

I am Thankful for Babysitters

It has taken me quite sometime to actually feel comfortable with babysitters.  Not because I don't trust them, but because I am cheap when it comes to a babysitter.  I just don't like going out and spending a bunch of money on dinner and a movie and then turning around and slapping another 10, 15, 20 dollars down for a babysitter. I never know how much to pay and actually have been told I pay too much.  That all aside...I am thankful that there are young women in whom I can trust my children with who actually want to come back and babysit my children.  I am slowly getting over the paying thing too.  It is totally worth the money to go out alone with my hubby and enjoy dinner without sharing my food or making sure the kids aren't overly loud.  It is worth it to have some adult talk even if alot of it has to do about our children.  And tonight it was completely worth it to walk the eisles of the store looking for christmas presents without kids asking for every toy they saw or running up and down the eisles.  Thank you Miss B for watching our kiddos tonight!!

By the way I am just wondering what people pay thier sitters if you are willing to share that info.


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$2-3 dollars an hour depending on what they have to do. If the babysitter is feeding the kids and putting them to bed...more but if the kids are already in bed asleep and they don't wake up...less. But usually I pay more to the ones I want to come back.


I usually pay what the sitter wants. It seems to be about $5 an hour. I don't mind especially when we can actually get a word into each other. We don't go out very often but its nice to know that when we do, we trust the ones we use. Sometimes we will just window shop to get some alone time together or go for a drive or go to the beach. Something for free. We just had a date today in P.T. it was great to have that to walk around and think about christmas gifts for the kids. :)