Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am Thankful for Electricity

I am Thankful for Electricity
With the flip of a switch I can turn on a light.
Push a button and viola the dishwasher starts.
Twist a knob and food begins to cook on the stovetop or in the oven.
Pull a knob and Presto my clothes begin to wash. 
Yesterday we got an email from my sister. She is currently serving a mission in the Philippines. For those of you that don't know they were hit with  Typhoon Megi a week back.  The center of the storm was directly where my sister is serving.  Luckily they were prepared and only a few lives were lost.  Could you imagine if they weren't prepared?  Well in her email yesterday she talked about how they haven't had electricity for 15 days.  15 DAYS.  She has to pump her own water and everything is done by candle light.  I was thinking after she sent the email how I take electricity for granted.  I get up in the morning flip on the bathroom light to shower and do my hair.  Then get the kids breakfast (Cold milk for cereal).  My laundry pile is bad now, but could you imagine it if I didn't have running water and a WASHING MACHINE.  Oiy...I don't even want to think about it.  When the kids go to bed Jbody and I enjoy watching a show or two or reading.  Couldn't be done with out ELECTRICITY!  So many things I use daily use it.  So Sister Eveland thanks for the reminder and I pray that you get electricity back on in the Philippines soon.

Below is a copy of Sister Eveland's latest letters.

October 25
What a week. My companions and I are still in Tumauni because our apartment is still not ready to move back into. There are still broken windows and a few spots in the roof that need to be fixed. We are hoping that this week we can move back to our area. It is hard being so far, 1. it cost a lot to travel back and forth and 2. We were told by the APs that we can't go everyday. We did get to help do service over there friday for a few members just chopping up and cleaning up Banana trees, Saturday we cleaned the church. The Alinguigan chapel got hit the worse, according Elder and Sister Smith, the service coordinating missionaries (Mom and dad, the other day we were taking a lunch break with the elders after a service project, we went to this little ulam shop to eat and guess who was there eating? Yes the Smiths. It was fun to see them. They told us that our area got hit the worst, and the church will be sending help in the next few days. They took a picture with me and said that they would email you! ). Nearly all the ceiling panels are gone, and the outside that goes up to the attic is missing. You can hear all sorts of birds and things inside now. We didn't teach any lessons this week. Everyday was spent helping people clean up yards, and the wood that once used to be a home. It makes me sick to look at the damage that was done. One member that we helped the first day lost most of his fruit trees, his corn, and some rice fields. But even though so many people lost things they are so positive and are just grateful that everyone is safe.

This storm has taught me that we always need to be prepared. Because it wasn't our area that was supposed to be hit bad, but the day or two before it hit it changed direction. members here have all been told to always keep a 72 hour kit, so because they were prepared, even though they may have lost homes and worldly possessions everyone is safe. There is no power still throughout our whole zone, and in Alliguigan there is no running water either. Some people say that we will be lucky if we have power by December.

There is 6pm curfew right now at least for our zone, because of the brown out. And can I just say that this week I have had some of the best experiences reading my scriptures under candle light or flash light. It must have been what it was like for the pioneers. As I have read this week I have noticed all the times that it says that the Lord hears our prayers and He does answer them. I know that is true. I knew it before my mission and I know it even more now. But it also says a lot that we need to always thank our Father in Heaven for all that He gives us. So this week I challenge all of you to get on your knees and pray, with real intent, and then look for the Lord's hand everyday. When you see the blessings in you lives get on your knees again and say thank you. I know that as you do these things you will be happier, you will see the Lord's hand, and you will be given even more blessings as you show your gratitude for what you have already received.

I love you all. I pray for you everyday. Know that I am safe, the Lord is on my side, He is watching over me!!

sister Eveland

Nov. 1
Well we were able to finally move back into our apartment on Saturday. We still don't have power, and now that we are back in Alinguigan we have no water either.. Now I really feel like a pioneer. Every morning I have to pump my water for my bucket shower, yes this is a true statement, and night everything is done under candle light, cooking, reading, planning, everything.. It is crazy, but it gives me so much more appreciation for the pioneers. Mom, to answer your question, we have been in shorts and t-shirts nearly everyday, and if not the whole day at least have the day.. except for Sunday. We still have to be in our apartment at 6pm.. which is a good thing because with no power it gets really dark..

Things are slowly getting put back in order.. It will still be about 6 months before we banana trees they say.. So many were destroyed in the storm. But the spirits of the members are still high. Yesterday in church I don't know how many times they mentioned 72 hour kits.. They are important though, not just here during the stormy months but through out the world. So if you don't have one, start today!!

I am excited for Thursday, we are going to the mission home for sister day!! all of the sisters in the mission are getting together for special training, crafts, and cooking/baking!! It will be fun to see sister Brown(my mtc comp.) we have only seen each other like 2 times since we got here.

I think that is about it for now. I hope that everyone is healthy and happy. I continue to pray for you everyday!!

Love sister Eveland