Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pink and Brown

I love pink and brown together. Here are some pictures of Razy in one of my favorite outfits. Yep it is pink and brown. It is a pink romper with little brown weiner dogs on it. Doble had to get in on the picks. And towards the end so did Lil' E. If you look really carefully you can see that Razy got her ears pierced. I will have to tell you how that went at the end of the post.

Chillin' with her little/big brother

Peekaboo---I love those big blue eyes
The big brothers
Here is the scoop on the ear piercing. I went back and forth on whether or not to do it. I was torn because I knew that right now would be the best time to do it because she wouldn't even know they were there. She wouldn't fuss when they had to be cleaned. She wouldn't complain when I told her she had to leave the same ones in for 6 weeks. I was that little when mine were done and my mom said they never got infected and they were easy to take care off. However, I worried that she would be upset that I had CHOSEN for her to get them done and she didn't have a say. I know I chose for her, but I really don't think that when she is 16 she is going to come up to me and say, "Mom, why did you get my ears pierced? I hate them." If she does then I will feel horrible and wish that I could take it back. When we finally decided to take her in JBody took the boys to look around for shoes and stuff and I took Razy. I knew she would cry and throw a fit. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't feel good. Especially to a 5 month old baby. She was probably in shock and wondering what the heck her mommy was having her go through. But she is a bit of a drama queen. When she gets hurt she likes everyone to know it. She doesn't want to be soothed with a binky or even with nursing. She just wants to cry and wants everyone to know that she got her feelings hurt. It took a good 10 minutes for her to recover, but after that she hasn't fussed over them one bit. I have had some not so kind looks and remarks from others when they see her now, but in all I am happy with the outcome. I think she looks cute with her little diamond (not real) earrings in her tiny little ears. I will respect others reasonings for waiting to pierce or not pierce their children's ears, can I not get that same respect for my decisions? Thank you Lindy, after I read and saw that you got Lydia's ears pierced I felt better about my decision and went ahead and did it.



Your kids are so big! It seems crazy. I think her little earings are darling. You won't get crap from me :)