Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doing Today What I Put Off For Tomarrow

Laundry, laundry, go away.
I'm going to save you for another day.

I am not a big fan of doing the laundry. When I do get ambitious to tackle the beast I almost always only make it half way. It gets washed, dryed, and folded in baskets. But that is as far as it gets. I don't know why, but I really struggle to get it from the basket to the closet or drawers.

I think it is just because there is just soooo much of it. I will NEVER catch up with it because someone is always wearing the next thing to go in the wash. Especially with three kids, there is a never ending pile. And as you can tell from one of my previous posts, Razy contributes to that pile quite a bit.

As I was searching for a picture to put with this post I came across this one and a quote to go along (giving credit where it is due).I think I need to post this quote somewhere in my house (ie. above the computer) to remind me to get back to those unwanted tasks.

“NO unwelcome tasks become any the less unwelcome by putting them off till tomorrow. It is only when they are behind us and done, that we begin to find that there is a sweetness to be tasted afterwards, and that the remembrance of unwelcome duties unhesitatingly done is welcome and pleasant. Accomplished, they are full of blessing, and there is a smile on their faces as they leave us. Undone, they stand threatening and disturbing our tranquility, and hindering our communion with God. If there be lying before you any bit of work from which you shrink, go straight up to it, and do it at once. The only way to get rid of it is to do it.” Alexander MacLaren

Yes I know that we can never get done and put ALL the laundry behind us, but at least we can have it completed until the next pile forms.

So I quess this is my que to get off the computer and accomplish that unwelcoming task we all know and love called LAUNDRY!