Saturday, March 8, 2008

Laundry Solutions

After three kids you would think that I would have all the answers to laundry questions. However, I must admit that I don't. With three kids we have had our fair share of blow outs. My first experience with one was with Lil' E. He was about a month old and we were at the library. There were no changing tables in the bathroom and the thing was so messy that I just threw away the outfit. However, for the ones that happened that the outfit was saveable normal laundry soup and a little spray and wash did the trick. That is with the boys. With Razy it has been a whole other story. She has left her mark on many a onsies. That is until I came across my new found laundry companion called Spray 'N Wash Dual Power. Regular spray and wash didn't work for her and at first I the dual wasn't working. The trick is to SOAK the stain with the stuff. So far it has saved many outfit that would have otherwise found themselves in the trash.

So let me explain to you why I am posting this. First of all it took me three kids to find something that worked. Secondly, I am up for suggestions on other things that you have used that get stains out. They can be remedies for anything...poo, grass, oil, CHAPSTICK (I hate it when it gets left in the pockets of jeans and sweatshirts and then I was it), ect. So come on share your secrets. We all could benefit.


Kirkham Family

I HATE STAINS, especially melted crayon on my car WD-40 saved my life!!
You might want to try that site for some other tips.


I too am a lover of spray n' wash, but I don't have kids stains to worry about just yet.

I know my sister uses a lot of Oxi-clean and I have noticed clothing "soaking" in the sink for along periods of time in an attempt to remove stains while at her house.


The funny thing about that story of Lil' E was, I was there! I was at the library with you, storytime!!! A little lame that I remember that. Anyhoo-my mother in law informed me about "goop" found in the automotive department by the hand cleaners. (Don't worry it's also for laundry) Doesn't work for poop stains but great on everything else.