Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paradise At the Marriot Update

So I never did give an update on how the conference went. I didn't make it down to the pool. We had to take Razy to the doctor that morning and we found out that she had a double ear infection so the pool was off limits. It was okay though because although it was pretty, it was too dang cold. JBody was busy at classes so Razy and I just enjoyed eachothers company in the hotel room and walking around the hotel. JBody did take us out to the Rain Forest Cafe one night. And we got to order room service for the first time. One night we ordered ourselves dessert (JBody and I). We were not expecting the HUGE icecream sundae. It was called the Rainer or something like that and it lived up to it's name. It was way to big for Me. JBody ordered himself a slice of mudpie I think it was.

Look at the size of that Sundae

So let me tell you a funny and embarrassing story of while we were there. For any of you that don't know, antibiotics can really mess your system up. And for a little baby who already has loose bowels antibiotics just make them worse. Well I was changing Razy on the beautiful white bed. Yes people I did have a changing pad underneath her. She wa just wet so I thought it would be a quick change. Boy was I wrong. Right before I slipped the clean diaper under her bum she sneezed. Not only did she sneeze, but she shot. That is right she shot me, the stark white bed spread. There was poo everywhere. I tried to clean it up, which was a huge mistake. I undressed Razy, put her in the tub and called my mom. "Mom what am I to do?" She told me what I was not wanting to hear, "Call the front desk so it doesn't stain." It was the most embarrassing call I have ever had to make. They were really nice about it and brought new bedding up right away. I guess next time I will be changing my little one in the bathtub.

Some shots of our sleepy girl on her hotel bed


Alice! I am totally cracking up. That is so funny. I am sorry it was a tad embarrassing though. I am glad you guys had a good time. And little Razy is just too cute!