Friday, March 14, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter A

I am going to try something new. Lets see if I can really stick with it. I got this idea by randomly looking at some blogs and thought it was a cute idea. My goal is to post one every day if not then at least 3 times a week. How about you give it a try too. I would love to see what words mean something to you.

A is for:
The names of three people in my family (remember to keep it a secret)
Apple: Doble's Favorite word. It has now expanded to Applebee's, which just happens to be his and Lil' E's favorite place to eat out.
Ambitious: What I am trying to be by doing this alphabet blog.
Appreciative: I appreciate my mom. She really has done and does alot of things for me. Having her around really made the transition of 2-3 kids so much easier. I don't think I have told her enough how much I appreciate her.
Alice: A friend of mine whom I met and roomed with in college. If you haven't already go check her page out. She has alot of good things to say.
Alaska: JBody wants to go there someday to catch some BIG fish.
Allergies: The season is approaching for sniffles and sneezes due to pollen in the air. Lil' E also suffers from a peanut allergy. Bummer for him.
April: One of my dearest friends who I have become really close to since we moved to our current location. We both had baby girls at the same time (just 8 days apart). We love to go walking together. She is my example who I look towards to become a better person.
Autumn: Razy's bestest friend and April's daughter. It is also the season of my birth (Razy's too).
American Idol: Only the greatest show on earth. This season is the best. If you haven't started watching it, it is never too late. Come on people you are missing out.



I tried this once. I think I made it to C and then it some how dropped off my radar. What does that say about me.

I have seasonal allergies too. Bummer!

The Perkes Family

What a cute idea. I love all of your comments. I knew you would be going crazy about american idol. I love this season too.