Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just some Randomness

Wow! I can't believe that I have just posted a bunch of new blogs. Here are the last of some recent pictures we have taken.

We just got a double stroller.Woo Hoo Yippee. I have been waiting and I love it. I have been taking Razy and Doble out with me walking with a friend of mine. It is so nice to get out and have them both in the stroller. Before I would put Razy in the pack and push Doble, but I didn't want to do that forever. One day we were out and Doble had zonked. His 15 minute stroller power nap meant no nap later in the day (bummer).
Lil' E has dropped his naps. However, I can get lucky about once or twice a week where he will fall asleep. One day I found him on the couch snoozing away and sawing logs.
Like the new bow? I must say I do. I do love pink and brown. Bows are one of my new favorite things. I love having a bow for every outfit. I will admit that I have gotten a bit carried away and now instead of making bows to match an outfit Razy has, I see some ribbon and I think, "I could buy her an outfit to go with the bow." I can't really justify it enough to actually go and buy an outfit so she does have many bows that are just waiting to be worn. One day.



I am impressed with all your bows...too cute.

As for all the new posts, keep them coming sister. I like it when you blog :)

and I love the picture of Lil E. Something totally great about kids crashed out on the couch.


Your kids are so cute! I am also impressed with all the cute bows. I need more for my Jellybean!