Friday, March 28, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter F

F is For:

Family: I really do have a great family. Yes it is true, at times my kids can drive me bonkers. But they are just kids. I love their ages right now. Lil' E is becoming such a little man. Most of the time he is a great little helper, he shocks me with the things he remembers and I love it when out of the blue he just comes up to me and tells me he loves me. Doble, this little boy is into everything. He is a little scavanger and eats anything and everything. At times he out eats JBody and I. JBody is always commenting on his little hands. His new thing right now is singing "Nephi's Courage". All day long he sings..."I will go, I will do..." It just makes me laugh and smile. Razy is getting so big. She is now sitting on her own for short amounts of time. She laughs and smiles all the time. I think six months is one of the funnest times with a baby. We couldn't have asked for better kids. There are days that I just want to squeeze them because I love them so much. Not only do I have great kids, but I have a wonderful husband. I don't think I tell him enough how much we all love him. I tell him everyday before he leaves for work and whenever we talk on the phone and before bed, but that still isn't enough. He works hard to provide for us and he is a great dad. I love to see the kids wrestle with him and see him melt over his little girl. I also have great parents who taught me well, and have always helped out. I so much appreciate my mom especially over the last year with moving and having three kids. I love my siblings and it has been great to spend time with Sky and Bailes more since we moved. We all miss Bailes now that she is off to school. I married into a great family. I don't have any complaints. I love my mother in law and couldn't have asked for better sisters in law. That is not to say I don't enjoy my brothers in laws. I just do have some great sisters in law. I am just blessed to be near and have such a great family, immediate and extended.
Friday: Pizza night. Lately I have been making our own pizza. Yes, I know that it is probably cheaper to buy it because cheese is so expensive, but 1-It tastes better, and 2-I enjoy making it (especially when I see the kids having fun putting on their own toppings). This has been a family tradition since I can remember.
Fairy Princess: I just bought Razy some cute fairy wings and took her picture. Here are a few. I am hoping to try again. I think I need a little help getting her attention.

Four: I can't believe how old Lil' E is getting. He will be four in June. Four is also the number that Doble can count to.
Favorites: Food-Thai and Indian; Icecream-changes all the time but I like big chewy pieces of brownie in it; Color-Pink (yeah I have a little girl to dress in pink...I never tire of it); T.V. show-American Idol; Movie-Clueless, Sweet Home Alabama, and August Rush; Actor- Wintworth Miller (Prison Break, he's my celebrity crush); Actress-Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock; Artist- I love the sound of Jack Johnson and Carrie Underwood; Flower- Daisy; Scripture-Enos 1:26 (look it up).
Freezing- It is almost April and it is still freezing outside. It may be like this in your neck of the woods but it shouldn't be in mine. It snowed 2 days in a row!!!
Football: Go Seahawks! I pretty much have no choice, but to be a sports fan. I mean common do you know my husband.
Flu: This is why it has taken me forever to post F. We have all come down with the flu. I still am sick but my sis informed me I really needed to update my blog.
Fifty: This is my 5oth post. Took me long enough to get here, but hey I made it.


L&K Family

Welcome back! We sure missed you! Also, can I just say how stinkin' cute Razy is in those pictures! What a doll! Glad you guys are feeling better.

Jordan & Danielle

Um, it's no wonder we were best friends. your list of favorites is Scarily identical to mine! Thai food, the color PINK, your fave movies and actors... so sad we don't live closer:) Um, your daughter looks so much like you and is an absolute angel. One day they'll get to meet!