Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alphabet Blog---The Letter B

B is for :
Bailes: My favorite little sister. She is off at school right now and I do miss her.
Banana: Another one of Doble's favorite words. A bunch only lasts us two days. The boys go through them way to fast. Bummer for JBody, he is allergic.
Blue: The color of Razy's eyes. They are so blue. She got her pretty blues from her mommy.
Brown: The color of all the boys eyes in our family. Well Doble has a mixture of both. They are blue on the outside and brown on the inside. If that makes sense. They kinda look grey at times as well. Have I mentioned that it looks really good with the color pink?
Bathroom: The one room that I hate to clean. Before we were married JBody told me he liked to clean the bathroom so it is actually the one room that he takes charge of. It actually works out nice.
Blogging: I have really come to enjoy blogging. I am very sparadic. I go for awhile and then am off for a longer while. But hey at least I always come back right. I love to read what others are up to as well. I will confess I do check out pages of other people often that I don't even know. I particularly like a few blog pages found on Alice's page.
Bows: A new favorite thing of mine. I love making new ones for Razy. I think she looks too cute in a bow. And the nice thing is they are interchangeable and can be used when she out grows the headband because they are on a cute little clippie.
Birthdays: I love birthdays. JBody and I started a tradition when we were first married that we celebrate birthdays for a whole week (we also do this for anniversary, vday, and mother's and father's day). I have made everyone of our kids cakes and try to make them extra special. I first got started with Lil' E's first birthday cake with the help from my friend Lindy. A tribute to some cakes that I have made will be coming up in the near future I hope.
Bentos: MMM yummy teriyaki. Well I am not a huge fan of the teriyaki dish, but they make a really good General Tso's. JBody really likes teriyaki and introduced this little whole in the wall joint.
Best Friend: Lil' E is on this kick right now with best friends. One minute I am his best friend and the next I'm not. If Doble gets in trouble for something, Lil' E will tell me not to get mad at Doble because he is his best friend. If Lil' E gets in trouble he will tell you he is angry and not your best friend. However, I love it when out of the blue he comes up to me and says, "I love you mommy. You are my best friend."
Blizzards and Buffalos: Have I ever told you the story? First let me tell you I like a good blizzard. I must say that my favorite is the pumpkin pie Blizzard that comes out in November. Now onto the story. JBody and I were going to school at the time. We had been married for maybe a year. It was at this time that we learned that good communication skills are important in a marriage. We were driving down the road when I saw that Blizzards were on sale. I quickly said, "Blizzards are on sale," to Jbody. To me this meant, "Pull over I want a blizzard." To JBody it meant what I said. That Blizzards were on sale. He didn't pull over and I quickly got quiet. Irritated that he didn't pull over, JBody realized by the time we got home I was clearly upset about something. "What is the matter with you?" he asked. "I wanted a blizzard." "Well why didn't you say something?" "I did I said that Blizzards were on sale." He then went on to say, "So if we are driving through Yellowstone (which we loved to do while at school) and you see a buffalo, I am supposed to pull over and get you the buffalo?" Okay he got me. From then on if I wanted the buffalo I would tell him..."I WANT THE BUFFALO" I could go for a blizzard right now. To bad they are closed. It is probably better anyway, I really don't need one.



Hey Alisha!
So, do I need to comment on your blog to get you to email me back? Sheeeesh! Kidding- I love ya anyway! So I was updating myself on blogs and I have to say that the Blizzards and Buffalos story sure hit home. Almost dejavu! I'm glad I am not the only one! Love ya and miss ya!