Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monster Journal {tutorial}

We just finished making monster journals to go along with our monster bookmarks. I really wanted to go homemade for this birthday party that Doble is going to this weekend.  Not that I am cheap...(I am though), but because I wanted to stick with the theme of the party.  I found a cute tutorial on how to make monster catcher journals and had to try them for myself.  The kids saw me making one for the birthday boy and they each insisted on having one of their own.  They each helped design theirs.  Lil' E actually designed his all on his own. 

We have a mess in our living room, but they are all having fun talking about monsters and drawing pictures and writing stories about playing with monsters.  It is actually quite cute.  I love that Lil' E is actually trying to write the story himself and is sounding out words and creating his own sentences. 

How to make your own monster journal....

Compostion note book,
 Fabric: Furry, Fleecy, Textured, ect.
Hot Glue and Gun
Embellishments: Googly Eyes, Foam, Felt

Step 1: Cut your fabric (about 11.5 inches x 17 inches) and lay under your composition notebook.  You should have about 1 inch around the whole notebook.

Step 2: Hot glue the spine of your notebook to your fabric.

Step 3: Cut a notch from each corner of your fabric to it makes it easier to wrap around your notebook.

Step 4:  Using hot glue, glue all edges down around notebook.  At the spine you may need to cut another notch to make it easier to close your notebook.

Step 5: Add your eyes, teeth and mouth.  We used the foam for teeth and felt for mouths.  Of course our little girl monster had to have a bow. 

They are so excited about their new journals.

You could easier use this method to customize a composition to look any way you would like.  I actually thought it would be cute to just cover one with a cute cotton fabric and embellish with buttons, flowers, ribbon, ect. 
Happy Crafting!!