Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Summer Fun Activites

Summer is just around the corner for us.  Doble and Razy just finished their last day of preschool last week and Lil' E will be done by the end of next week.  I was searching the web for some fun activities and crafts to do with the kids and found some I thought were worthy to pass onto my readers.  Stay tuned throughout the summer and we will share more ideas that we find.

 at Ziggity Zoom
My kids are already ready to get wet this summer.  They have already pulled the sprinklers out for some water fun.  We are going to try this fun way to cool off this summer using water balloons and a plastic bat. 

at Random Thoughts of a Super Mom
Popsicles are a must during hot summer days.  They are even more fun when you the kids can make them themselves.  Look at how colorful and yummy these ones look to make.

at Family Fun
My kids are big fans of sidewalk chalk.  But with this fun and easy recipe we can make our own with ingredients we have on hand. 

at I am Momma Hear Me Roar
What a fun way to keep the kids occupied for a little bit.  The idea of using the egg cartons is genius.  They each get their own carton with the list printed right on top.  I love that this can be changed out for any type of scavenger hunt.

at Chasing Cheerios
The kids could spend lots of time searching for small toys and other objects that have been frozen in a block of ice.  If you have room in your freezer you could even do this on a larger scale by filling a large bin.

at Brown Chicken Brown Cow
We don't live in an area with fireflies, but this cute idea just using Mason jars and glow in the dark paint would be a hit with Lil' E.

at The Decorated Cookie
I can't wait to try this out with the kids.  We go camping atleast 3 times a year.  This year we are going 4 times that have already been planned for.  I am definately picking up some food writers from the store before our next camping trip so the kids can have fun creating marshmallow art.

at Delia Creates
We just finished planting our garden a few weeks ago and the kids had fun helping.  They would get a kick out of growing hair for their very own Recycle Man.

at Crazy Domestic
We don't do jello very often.  Sometimes it is a hit and miss as to whether the kids are going to want it.  This cute idea is simple enough to take the chance to see if they would have fun eating silly citrus jello shots.

at Imagination Soup 
My kids love to go out and play outside.  They love to play on the playset and pull out their bats and gloves or run through the sprinkler.  However, there are days that they just don't know what to do.  Creating an obstacle course would be perfect for those days.

at Sew Dang Cute Crafts
When you figure out all that you want to do this summer why not make this cute activity board and place it where everyone can see?

Do you have fun things planned this summer to do with the kids?  I would love to hear what they are.


Rhodes Rules

Thanks for the ideas!!!!!!!!
I am open to a ton of ideas.

Luke and Katie

this was awesome! get it on the m-how blog, will ya? ;) hehe, but seriously, thank you!


Thank you for the ideas here in the u.k. we have had a hose pipe ban so finding ways to get kiddies wet without the hose are going to be great and the balloon pinata is perfect a whole washing line of them for the hottest days :0)


Love your Blog Full of FUN ideas!! Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

Micia & the boys