Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lilies, Roses, and 10 years

This past Thursday, JBody and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Each year our anniversary falls on the same weekend that we go camping with our family.  We usually wait to do anything for our anniversary until we get home from our trip.  This year JBody surprised me with this beautiful bouquet.  It looks just a bit wilty in some areas and that is due to the fact that I didn't want this beauty to go to waste.  I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could so I rode the hour and a half to our campground with the arrangement inbetween my feet.  It was worth it.  It was fun to see the vibrant colors inside our cabin each day.  This picture was taken after returning from our trip, but you can still see the beauty. 
I love Lilies and JBody knows this.  The florist did a wonderful job.  The added touch of the twigs coming out the top and the rocks in the vase were perfect and really went along with our camping trip. 

So did you know that when your lily blooms you need to remove the pollen pods.  They stain the flower, your hands, and everything they touch.  Not to mention you SNEEZE, SNEEZE, SNEEZE.
Once removed they make the flower even more gorgeous.

Just another picture to remind you how pretty this bouquet was and also to toot my horn that I really do have a Wonderful Husband.


Roxanne Brickey

What a guy!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL bouquet........was a neat idea to take them along so you could enjoy them!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


So so happy for you guys. What a great love and life you share!!!