Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camping in the Land of Zion

Every year during memorial weekend we head out camping.  This year was no different than all the rest.  However, the place was.  In March we got a phone call telling us that our reservations had to be cancelled because the trees in the park had root rot and were falling down.  We had to quickly find another place to camp.  Well let me tell you it was anything but quick when deciding on a new place to go.  First we looked into a renting a cabin or vacation home.  Well when you are working with about 16 people staying together, it gets pretty expensive.  $1300 expensive.  This didn't include the renting of boats, tackle, bait, food, ect.  So we had to throw that out of the window.  I will be honest, I was sad.  I thought it would be so fun to stay in a cabin.  By April we were getting nervous.  Where the heck were we going to stay. 
Sometime in April we took our kids to some church property (Zion's Camp) to do some service in the campground.  We were put in charge of cleaning the cabins.  We fell in love with the area and decided that this is where we would be spending our Memorial Day camping trip.  And get this it only cost us $35 a night to stay in the cabin.  Yes we still had food, bait, and tackle, but the boats, paddle boats, canoes, achery, ropes coarse, frisbee golf, ect. were all FREE! We loved it so much that we are going to be taking the kids back in July.
Enjoy the following pictures of our trip.

We quickly set up camp and headed to the dock.  JBody had barely finished baiting Lil' E's and Dobles poles when BAM!  FISH ON BABY!!

This fish spoiled Lil' E.  The rest of the fish that night and most of the weekend had nothing on this 18 inch beast.

oops he was a bit slippery

The park was a favorite place to visit.  They had some pretty sweet swings.  This blue one was a favorite.  I wish pictures could give it justice, but it just can't.  The kids were crazy as they flew and spun through the air.  They all loved it, including Razy and Doble.

Another fun swing that the kids would get major air on.  I still can't believe how crazy confident the kids were on these things. 

Look at this cute little face.  Our little baby Carson is no longer a baby.  He is now the big brother to a brand new baby.  Congrats Austin and Linsey!

Lil' E learning archery

Doble's first fish.  His last fish of the weekend was alot bigger than this one.

Noah and his first fish

Carson actually pulled this one in with a little help from Aunti Peaches

Brave Jenna and her boat full of cousins.  She had 4 kids in the paddle boat all alone.  Not to mention she is also 8 months pregnant. 

Pure joy.  I love some these pictures of the three of these kids.

Jordan and her fish.  She didn't want to touch it. 

Preparing for the ropes coarse.  They were practicing their trust fall

We had to get the whole gang over the top of this wall with the rules that once you were over you could only help lift twice and then you were done.  Harder than it looks.

The trust fall.  Freaked me out, but awesome. We stood on a log that was about 4 feet off the air and then had to fall backwards into the arms of the people below.  It took alot of trust.  Here we are catching Papa.

Lil' E getting some MAJOR air.
The last big fish of the weekend.  
What a weekend.  Fun times with family and new friends. 



Great pictures!! We had so much fun too!! We are going to go back really soon also.Thanks for letting us be part of your family for the weekend :)

Luke and Katie

ZION'S CAMP! We had our family reunion up there this past summer and LOVED IT!
Looks like you guys had such a blast..thanks for bringing back some awesome memories!

David Edward

looks like good times!