Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dog Collar Boutique {Product Review}

Recently we were asked to do a review for a company called Dog Collar Boutique.  We were given a perfectly pink little dog collar.  The collar is from the Coachdog Collar Collection.
I love this little collar.  It looks like it is going to last a long time.  In the past we have had our leather collars get really worn out and break.  This one is made from a good thick leather type material.  I love the little added touch of the dog bone charm.  Isn't it so cute?  And it comes in two other colors; hot pink, and aqua.
What else does Dog Collar Boutique carry?  Let me show you.

How cute is this harness?  I love the cute little flowers with the added rhinestones.  Bella needs one of these.  She is one of those little dogs that doesn't walk on a leash very well.  She likes to pull us and when she does she chokes herself.  The harness would eliminate the annoying chocking sounds.

If this isn't stylish I don't know what is?  All of their retractable leashes have just the right touch of style and charm.

Our little Bella loves to be with us all the time and although we don't do much boating...well we do no boating.  But if we did she would be sporting this cute little polkadotted life jacket.  Well she would if I had a say and bought it undercover without the knowledge of JBody.  He would think I was silly making a purchase like this. But our doggies need to be safe too.

Just like our kids need toys, so do our pups.  Bella has even been known to claim Razy's toys as her own if they are left out.  Her favorites are teddy bears and plush toys.  Dog Collar  Boutique has many different plushes to choose from. 

So whether you are looking for a collar, a harness, a retractable leash, a life jacket, or a toy, Dog Collar Boutique will have it for you. 

A photo or two to leave you with.

I couldn't get a good picture of Bella and her new collar.  I really need to get her hair cut.  Maybe when I do I can get a good picture that shows off her new leash.